The Top 5 Luxury Real Estate Trends to Look for in 2016

2016 Trends

Take it from us: When seeking out luxury real estate trends, old is new again.


When it comes to the top luxury real estate trends in 2016, modern tech is out and old world is in. As smart phones, smart apps, and smart technology devour the world we live in, homeowners are starting to look for a place to unwind and unplug.

Elegant and Chic Dining Rooms


One of the emerging trends to keep an eye out for in 2016 is a separate formal dining room. Families are starting to feel the void caused by TV and cellphone use during dinnertime. With the impending availability of smart appliances invading kitchens, a separate dining area is a sought after addition. Sometimes you need to disconnect in order to reconnect.

Cozy, Tech-less Family Rooms

Bridge Street Residence Family Room

If you’re looking for family-friendly luxury real estate, search for a home that offers both a living room and a multimedia room. Many buyers are opting for both so that they can keep the family room tech-free but still have a room available for movie and sitcom watching. Pull out some cards or a board game and get to know the ones you love the most by spending time together in your tech-less family room. 

Spaces that Bring the Outdoors In

Home Design - The Bayfield

Another hot luxury home trend emerging in 2016 is the combination of outdoor and indoor living areas. Large corner windows can help bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home. Homes with accordion or pocket doors can also blend the divide between your backyard and your indoor living space. Glass rooms that offer wide open doors on either end create a seamless flow between the outdoors and your home. With so many options to pick from, it’s easy to see why this trend is making its rounds in 2016. 

Brag-Worthy Bathrooms

Back Country Estate

Keeping in line with the tech-less wave that’s taking over the luxury homes scene, spa-like bathrooms are becoming another trend you’ll want to look for. If you can imagine spending hours in your master bath, you’ve found yourself a trendsetting bathroom. Adding in cozy features like plush chairs and fresh flowers will also add to the appeal of retreating to your favourite room to unwind and unplug. 

For more ideas to make the master bath the best room in the house, check out our previous post: 5 Luxury Real Estate Bathroom Trends We Love.

Kitchens that Wow

Contemporary Shaker Kitchen

Stunning kitchens have always been something homebuyers are attracted to. From custom cabinetry to the latest appliances, kitchens are definitely the heart of the home for good reason. This classic trend has pushed the envelope this year. Look for kitchens with mismatched cabinetry, dramatic yet functional islands, and touches of copper. These are the trends that luxury real estate Kelowna homebuyers search for the most.   


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