When we first decided to list our upper mission home we had no idea where to start. Being from out of town, we were not familiar with the ‘who’s who’ in the Kelowna real estate industry. However there was a name that we frequently came across. We thought that would be our best bet at having our home sold for the amount we expected and in a reasonable time frame. After a year of having showings that we felt were a waste of our time, suggestions to drop our listing price, and never personally meeting our agent, we decided not to renew our listing. We felt lost in the shuffle as we were just one of so many clients our realtor had listed. Always dealing with a team member rather than our realtor personally, made us feel as though our property didn’t matter as much as the commission that may come from it.

We came across a listing by a Re/max agent and decided to give him a call. During our first meeting with Quincy Vrecko our confidence in feeling like our property mattered and we were in good hands was finally realized. Throughout the first meeting Quincy explained his approach in qualifying potential clients prior to booking showings as well as making us familiar with what was happening in the current market. Everything he presented to us was very upfront which gave us the assurance to list with him. He worked very hard to sell our home; from personally prepping it prior to clients arriving, to greeting them at the door. Throughout the duration of the showing, Quincy was available to answer questions about our property and offer information about the features in our home. When the time came for him to present us with an offer, we always felt as though he carried our best interests first. We sold our home on a positive note thanks to Quincy taking the time and dedication needed in this ever changing market.

When it comes to selling your home, we encourage you to contact Quincy and see the difference that his individual approach makes. Without him we feel our home would still be for sale instead of sold!

First, Quincy, I have to thank you, far more than words can express, for doing what no other realtor was able to do: effectively marketing and selling my beautiful, albeit unique, estate property, in a depressed market!

Whereas others undertook the task, and failed, in their promises to do the job, you delivered, and magnificently so! From the very outset, you and Tracey were phenomenal! You both clearly  and honestly presented your proposed approach to the marketing of my properties, which, in the end, worked fabulously well, and proved to be the perfect approach!!!

You tenaciously dealt with the detritus and upset left by a singularly unscrupulous predecessor.  I remember back to your words at that time: “Michaelynn, that’s not how real estate should be handled…”, and how impressed I was at your willingness to do battle for me from the initial listing stage! You both exhibited absolute attention to aesthetics, as well as to practical detail, in preparation for the photo and video shoots of the house (here, for example, Tracey’s eye for style made all the difference in just moving a table 45 degrees and removing some unnecessary linens from the bed).

Your choice of videography was stunning and captured my home and property at its most magnificent! But then, after the listing was ready for publication, your work did not stop. You duly researched the properties, discovering things even I was unaware of. You worked not only with potential buyers, but also with builders (in the case of my lots for sale) to facilitate the best scenario for buyer and seller alike!

And finally when it came to showing my property, you were always there – with bells on, or, in your case, funky socks –  accentuating everything my home had to offer!  All this being said, it was in the negotiation, actual sale, and often tedious follow-up that you proved beyond extraordinary, Quincy. Again, you went to bat for me, big-time, insuring that an equitable deal was reached, and a deal about as close to asking price as you can get in this game! That was beautiful!

But again, your advice, and expertise were invaluable in getting through the final stages of the sale process. You were always delightfully honest, a treat to work with, and above all, you instilled huge trust on a personal level. Quite simply, you and Tracey are the best there are! All others in the game exist only so you can outshine them!

Truly, I cannot thank you both enough for actually making my dreams come true. Again, others may promise that, you actually make it happen!!

Quincy came through for us! And then some! Right away, Quincy demonstrated a devoted commitment to market fairness with a passionate energy that you could honestly feel. Additionally, his follow through, after our offer was accepted, was unfailing. Quincy enabled us throughout the entire processes of purchase, especially since we were out-of-province real estate novices. His approach w/ us was completely sensitive and never overbearing. His time & attention was so very genuine and respectful as well as efficient that I felt constantly kept aware & in the loop – never lost or overwhelmed.

If you are looking for quality, honesty and faithfulness coupled together w/ the most reputable of values, then Quincy is truly the one of choice. He quite simply made it all happen. And, most professionally. We look forward to many warm summer nights in our new waterfront home.

Steph and I have been fortunate enough to purchase our dream property on Okanagan lake. Being that we live in Calgary, there were numerous challenges with being from ‘out of town’. I cannot tell you how fortunate we were to have found Quincy and Tracey. Their expertise, professionalism, attention to detail, and sense of humour made the entire process a joy to partake in. We never felt stressed or pressured. Everything flowed so very smoothly, even though we could not always be there in person.

Quincy and Tracey not only educated us about Kelowna real estate, but the community as a whole (while we have yet to move there, it already feels like home). Of what was most important to us, was that we never felt like a number or one of many clients, but as a valued person, as a friend. Even though we have yet to move to Kelowna, Quincy and Tracey as still assisting us, long after the purchase was closed.

They are helping us with contractors and city affairs, watching over our house for us while we are away, and helping co-ordinate joint projects with our neighbours. Quincy has been relentless in taking care of even the smallest details for us. We could ask for no more. If you are looking for someone who will truly care about you and your needs, who will guide you through the entire process, and exceed your expectations, I highly recommend you contact Quincy and Tracey. We are so glad we did.

After doing much research as to which realtor in Kelowna we wanted to represent us as the seller of a waterfront home, we chose Quincy Vrecko. He promised excellent customer service, buyer connections, driven & committed work ethic, high quality social media exposure and savvy market insight, among other offerings. We have to say that we couldn’t be happier with Quincy and Tracey! They have definitely met and exceeded all of our high expectations! We would highly recommend this team to represent a seller or buyer as they are true professionals!

Thank you Quincy and Tracey!

Amazing!! Can’t say enough good things about Quincy and his team! I could go on and on but I am not sure how many trade secrets he would want me to reveal… what I can say is that the personal attention is far beyond anything you will receive anywhere! Do you want someone always at your showings, do you want to hear immediately after a showing (phone call not a text) how it went, do you want a realtor who “sells” your property!!! This is the care you will receive from Quincy and his team not to mention the hoops they are willing to jump through to make deals happen spending many hours working out deals that best suit their clients needs! And did I mention the wine… always a treat to get a surprise bottle from them just because! We have two friends who have used Quincy and we all feel the same way. Thanks so much for selling our home Quincy and Tracey, working with you has felt like working with friends!

This was hands down the best Real estate experience I have had ever. From the accurate and experienced suggestions prior to our listing to the excellent service both during and after our transactions. After Quincy’s team sold our home for us we turned around a bought two more through them. Quincy’s excellent knowledge and negotiating landed me two unbelievable deals one of which I have just finished renovating and am now going to sell through Quincy Vrecko and Associates. Thanks Tracey and Quincy!

Quincy and Tracey are both excellent agents. They do have the knowledge, professionalism and attitude to sell. You need to look behind the tile, hardwood and paint to sell a custom luxury home. Quincy has the ability to connect and feel the home. We look forward to do a lot of business together, thanks!

I had the pleasure of dealing with Quincy, Tracey, and Geoff Hall throughout my last 2 real estate transactions and I can state with absolute certainty that the level of diligence, meticulousness, and professionalism offered by these 3 was second to none. Any questions or concerns I had throughout either of the aforementioned transactions were always answered in a prompt and thorough manner, calls and emails were tended to immediately, and showings on the property I sold were presented solely to qualified buyers as opposed to an endless influx of “tire kickers” that would generally only serve to waste time.

It’s a refreshing feeling to have a team of agents that are constantly in your corner, and I will absolutely be turning to Quincy for my next set of dealings as well. Many thanks from myself & my fiance to their team!

A home across the street was being listed with Quincy Vrecko and Associates so our family thought we would give this Real Estate Agency a try as well!

Our lucky neighbours sold their home at summer!

From the very beginning Quincy and his team put us at ease. The quality of the video, website and photos of our home was outstanding!

We were highly impressed by the fact that Quincy or an associate showed our home each time personally!

We were always notified within 24 hours of the upcoming viewing and within a day we had feedback about the showings.

Our home sold April 2016 and we bought a condo with Quincy Vrecko and Associates help. Quincy and his staff are outgoing and very efficient. We highly recommend this company and will definitely use them in the future. A group of agents who listen to your needs and always do what they say they are going to do!

We would like to send out a special thanks to Tracey Vrecko, Geoff Hall, and the rest of the team! They did an amazing job selling our home in a timely fashion and finding our next property, this was our 3rd transaction working with this team, and we would highly recommend them for their knowledge and expertise! They are truly genuine and make you feel like family, we will definitely be using QVA in the future!

Quincy Vrecko recently helped us sell our home and we couldn’t be happier! From start to finish their team worked so hard and was so dedicated to helping us get the most out of our property. They walked us through every step of the way so we were in the loop through the whole process.
Tracey, Geoff, Zach and the rest of the team are rock stars and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to sell or buy a home.

My wife and I recently worked with Geoff Hall to find our new home in the Lower Mission. Geoff was patient and attentive to our needs while helping us navigate a purchase while based in Ontario. Would highly recommend Quincy Vrecko and Associates and specifically Geoff.