Landscape Tips

Landscape Tips: When buyers are browsing through Kelowna houses for sale, they’re probably looking for these five elements.


If you’ve been thinking about adding your home to the list of Kelowna houses for sale, you know how important a well-cared for yard is. The curb appeal, the warm and welcoming front door, and the privacy of the outdoor living area can help turn interest into a sale. If you’re considering listing your house in the Kelowna market, consider some of these landscaping tips to help increase the value of your home.

1. Focus on the Exterior

Landscape Tips
Photo by Dean Thomas Architectural Design – Look for contemporary exterior pictures

Curb Appeal. It’s a term you’ve heard a bunch of times, but what does it even mean, and why is it important? A home that has curb appeal can increase the value of your home by up to eight percent. This is because a home that makes an outstanding first impression can attract more buyers. Think about it this way: Buyers will usually drive by the
Kelowna houses for sale that they’re interested in before making an appointment for a viewing. If your home looks attractive on the outside, potential buyers will be more eager to take a peek inside.

2. Spruce up the Front Yard

Landscape Tips
Photo by Mitchell Construction Group – More traditional exterior ideas

Another way to add instant curb appeal to your home is to make the front yard and front door welcoming. Add a cozy little seating area, paint your front door an inviting colour, and add a decorative welcome mat to the front stoop. You can also add flowers and shrubbery, but try to keep them in planters instead of planting them directly into the yard. Potential buyers love cheery looking homes, but may not be excited about the prospect of maintaining overflowing flowerbeds.

3. Invest in Outdoor Living Areas

Landscape Tips
Photo by Fredman Design Group – More contemporary patio ideas

Buyers looking through the lists of
Kelowna houses for sale typically prefer to view homes that offer outdoor living spaces. With the wonderful weather Okanagan residents are privy to, many buyers look forward to spending their free time outside. By fixing up the deck or patio, installing an outdoor kitchen, or adding a gazebo, you can boost the property value while attracting more buyers. 

4. Exercise your Green Thumb

Landscape Tips
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A well-landscaped yard can increase the value of your home by five to 10 percent. Consider adding things like: trees, native plants, paving stones, and water features. Try to keep the landscaping stunning yet simple and use plants and trees that strike a seasonal balance.

5. Tidy Up your Garage

Landscape Tips
Photo by Garage Envy – Search traditional exterior design ideas

Although the garage doesn’t fall under the landscaping heading per se, it’s definitely worth talking about. Buyers are always looking for neat and tidy homes that allow them to envision themselves moving in. Remodeling your garage by adding shelving, fresh paint, and other details can increase the value of your home by up to six percent. When garage envy sets in, potential buyers may be more willing to make an offer.

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