Buying a home in Kelowna.

When buying a home in Kelowna, start with finding a team of professional real estate agents with knowledge and expertise in both local real estate and global trends.  When it comes to one of the largest investments in a portfolio, trust the agents at Vrecko Real Estate Group.

Here are the top 5 reasons for buying a home in Kelowna with Vrecko Real Estate Group, a top real estate team.

Negotiating skills

All team members at Vrecko Real Estate Group, have a strong sales background.  Quincy Vrecko, the team leader, spent 15 years in the automotive industry and was responsible for negotiating 1500 deals a year.  The skills learned from selling cars naturally transferred to selling homes in Kelowna. Use a shark to get the best deal.


Whether you are local or from out of town, each property transaction is different when buying a home in Kelowna.  If the real estate contract of purchase wasn’t confusing enough, there are so many property details to explore and understand such as: special dock permission, water rights, geothermal loops, encroachments and easements, permits, property disclosure statements, just to name a few…..oh my.  Work with an experienced Vrecko agent that will help the transaction go smoothly.


The team at Vrecko Real Estate Group is one of the top real estate teams in Kelowna.  This means a powerful network of real estate agents working together for their clients.  Vrecko Real Estate Group is a part of that powerful network always looking for new listings yet to hit the public market.

Team Advantage

Vrecko Real Estate Group is a diverse team of real estate professionals with strengths in different areas of the real estate transaction.  When hiring any agent on the Vrecko team, each client has access to the extensive experience each team member offers. You receive one-on-one attention with the access to the skills and experience of the entire team.  

Extended Support

When buying a home in Kelowna, there are steps to take during and after the buying process.  The team at Vrecko Real Estate Group has a top extended support team including home inspectors, strata document reviewers, lawyers, accountants, house cleaners, contractors, and painters.  You only need to make one call and we can direct you from there.

The team at Vrecko Real Estate Group is dedicated to a superior level of customer service and continues to strive to be the top real estate team in Kelowna.  When buying a home in Kelowna, look no further than a team that will work hard to earn your business.

One more thing, as a bonus, the Vrecko Real Estate Group team has great housewarming gifts.  Call now!

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