Family Day Long Weekend

Embrace the Family Day long weekend in Kelowna with a trio of events that cater to various interests. The Kelowna Rockets Game promises a thrilling showcase of Western Hockey League action. BC Family (Sun)Day at Red Bird Brewing transforms the venue into a family-friendly haven, offering games, live music, and craft beer delights. Additionally, the Sunday Bingo Extravaganza at Railside Brewing on the same day adds excitement with lively bingo games, prizes, and a festive atmosphere, providing a perfect conclusion to your Family Day long weekend in Kelowna.

1. Kelowna Rockets Game

Location: Prospera Place
Presented By: Kelowna Rockets
Date & Time: February 19, 2024- 2:05pm
Price: ticket prices vary

Join the excitement of Western Hockey League (WHL) action with the Kelowna Rockets on Family Day long weekend. As one of Kelowna’s most thrilling sports events, the WHL Rockets games provide an opportunity for fans to witness top-notch ice hockey, showcasing the skill and determination of talented players. The atmosphere in the arena is electric, with passionate fans cheering for their home team. Whether you’re a seasoned hockey enthusiast or a first-time attendee, the WHL Kelowna Rockets games promise an unforgettable experience filled with fast-paced action and a sense of community spirit

2. BC Family (Sun)Day

Location: 1080 Richter St
Presented By: Red Bird Brewing
Date & Time: February 18, 2024 from 12:00 to 5pm

Celebrate BC Family Day at Red Bird Brewing, an event tailored both for families and beer enthusiasts. Red Bird Brewing, known for its craft beers and welcoming ambiance, transforms into a family-friendly space on this special day. With activities for all ages, including games, live music, and delicious food options, it’s an ideal opportunity for families to spend quality time together. For those who appreciate craft beer, Red Bird Brewing offers a chance to savor unique and locally brewed beverages, creating a perfect blend of relaxation and entertainment for everyone on BC Family Day.

3. Sunday Bingo Extravaganza

Location: 1186 High Rd
Presented By: Railside Brewing
Date & Time: Sunday February 18, 2024 at 2pm

Add a touch of excitement to your Family day long weekend with the Sunday Bingo Extravaganza in Kelowna. Hosted by a local venue, this bingo event is a lively gathering that brings people together for a fun-filled afternoon. Whether you’re a seasoned bingo player or a newcomer looking for a casual and entertaining experience, Sunday Bingo offers a chance to win prizes while enjoying the company of fellow participants. With a festive atmosphere and the thrill of calling out “Bingo!” as you mark off your numbers, this event provides a laid-back yet engaging way to wrap up your weekend in Kelowna.

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Listing your home in the Winter

As the show starts to fly and Christmas decorations go up, I always get the question: 

Should I list my home in the winter or wait for the spring?”

Here are reasons why it’s actually a good idea to consider listing your home in the winter. 


Active inventory of homes for sale in the Okanagan is historically lower in the winter months.  There is usually a 20% decrease in active listings from November to March. 

Many sellers in the Okagnan choose to wait to put their homes on the market because they believe that their home will show better in the spring and summer months.  And while that may be true, it’s all relative.  So while other homeowners are waiting, why don’t you a head start.  Listing your home in the winter months will give you the advantage of having fewer homes to compete with than in the spring.  Buyers are still active all year round.  

Serious Buyers

Homebuyers looking to buy a home in the winter months tend to be more serious buyers.  Every month of the year, homebuyers are looking to move.  While making in the move in the winter may not be ideal, some buyers need to secure a home weather it be for work or life situation.  There are typically fewer showings on homes for sale in the Okanagan in the winer months, the buyers coming through are needing (or really wanting) to buy.  

QVAluxury_WinterStagingTipsLonger closing

Buyers who are buying in the winter months may be wanting to secure a property, they typically want to move when the show has cleared.  

“In my years of experience, homes that sell in the winter months usually have a longer closing and possession date compared to the spring/summer season.”  Says Tracey Vrecko with the Vrecko Real Estate Group

This longer closing date will give sellers more time to plan and arrange their big move.  It’s even more beneficial if that seller is looking to buy a home.  This will give the homeowner more time to find their next property.  


So if those 3 reasons doesn’t convince you that it’s a good time to be listing your home in the winter here are few others: 


  • You don’t have to mow the lawn or trim the trees
  • No need to keep the pool clean (if applicable)
  • Fewer showings
  • With little to choose from, you can usually stay closer to list price


So if you are thinking of listing in the spring, get ahead of your competition and list your home this winter.  You have a better chance to secure a sale before the rush of new listings hitting the market.  


Call your award-winning team at Vrecko Real Estate for any questions about listing your home in the winter!