2020 Real Estate Trends

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With 2019 behind us, QVA takes a look at 2020 real estate trends. 

In this article, one of the top real estate teams in Kelowna shares some interesting real estate trends for 2020.    


  • Real Estate Sales
  • Technology
  • Landscaping 
  • Interior Design

Real Estate Trends 2020

Real estate sales in 2019 was anything but predictable.  There were many changes affecting real estate sales in the Okanagan, it was difficult to determine one cause for softer sales.  With everything from mortgage stress tests, implementation of the speculation tax and decrease of buyers from the lower mainland.  Coming off of this year full of changes, left overall real estate sales with some instability. Thus resulting in an average decrease of 8% in real estate sales for the Central Okanagan. 

So what is in store for 2020?  balanced real estate market

The real estate trends for 2020 focus on a more stable and balanced market.  A welcome change for homebuyers and sellers in the Okanagan. The level of inventory of homes for sale in Kelowna is currently sitting at 6.87 months of sell-through.  This average is forecasted to stay consistent for 2020. Home sale prices on average are predicted to be 0% with no increase or decrease in 2020.

Driving demand in 2020 will be first time home buyers and current homeowners making that lateral move.  Condo and townhouse sales saw a 15% increase in 2019 and that trend is expected to continue into 2020. With affordability a driving force of this increase.  Additionally, it is projected to see an increase in home sales of empty nesters downsizing from larger family homes to a townhouse or condo. 

Luxury property and waterfront home sales in Kelowna tapered off in 2019.  This was mainly due to speculation tax and the softening of the Vancouver home sales market.  There is optimism that this real estate trend will change with the projection of the National average home sales increasing by 3.7%.  This trend will be driven by Vancouver and Toronto. Historically, both Toronto and Vancouver have had a positive impact of Luxury homes sales in Kelowna.  

Hottest neighborhoods for 2020:

  • Kelowna North
  • Lower Mission
  • Westbank Centre

The greatest impact on the real estate market in 2020 will be:

  • Taxation
  • Interest rates and mortgage stress test
  • Alberta and Lower Mainland economy

luxury home sold Kelowna

Overall real estate trends for 2020 look optimistic over last year’s sales.  While there is no significant increase in sales projected for 2020, there is also no decrease.   With a more balanced market projected, it is likely to restore confidence in buyers and sellers resulting in a great 2020.  

For up to date market information and real estate trends, connect with the team a Quincy Vrecko and Associates in real-time with Live Chat! 





Technology Trends 2020

It wouldn’t be 2020 without a few technological advancements. Although some of us can’t even fathom technology becoming more vast and complex then it already is, this is just the beginning. With the evolution of in-home technology, our living spaces are more comfortable, entertaining and of course, Safe. These are a few of the technology trends we are excited to see in 2020.

It Knows me better Than I Do

2020 real estate trends

A real estate trend for this year we can expect to see more AI (Artificial intelligence) driven tech. There are some front runners in this category. For example, Nest and Honeywell use AI to adapt and learn from the inhabitants inside. This AI technology observes and replicates their behavior and habits in order to change or react without humans having to touch or change anything…Cool, Right? With Artificial Intelligence there are a lot of trust issues we are all trying to overcome but if we can welcome it with open arms, this could be a trend that not only changes our lives but also the way we look at technology. This is a really exciting and informative 2020 trend


real estate Trends 2020

Keep me Alive, Would ya?

 Robots have been on the horizon for a long time and we have seen a little bit of it creeping into our homes that last few years from robotic vacuum cleaners to lawnmowers. Of course, it doesn’t stop there, a 2020 real estate trend we are going to see a lot of is in-home robotic companions. These in-home robots will be able to help with any health needs as well, making them perfect for the elderly or any individual with any medical needs, the goal is to give us a peace of mind in our busy busy lives.  Although we most likely won’t see complete humanoid robots this year, the companion’s robots are going to get more and more complex and cheap. Manufacturers are advancing quickly, so it won’t be long until we have so much free time we won’t know what to do with it. 


Brilliant Home QVA

How Brilliant 

The Brilliant Control is a wall switch that lets you control the climate, lights, and music in your home all in one place. We have seen a few of these in 2019 but are expected to blow up in 2020. These smart devices hook up to your Wifi so that you can control it from not only anywhere in your home but anywhere PERIOD. The brilliant control also comes with built-in Amazon Alexa support allowing you to just tell the control pad how you want it to behave without having to touch anything. The Brilliant Control is a 2020 trend that is going to take high-tech homes to the next level!



You’re so Smart 

Smart Fridge Kelowna home

Refrigerators are arguably the most important appliance in a kitchen but there hasn’t been a lot of talk about them in the last few years and that is about to change. 2020 is the year we are going to see and experience a lot of amazing technology we can bring into our kitchens. Smart Refrigerators are packed with cool features for example – You can now set meal schedules, Sync your grocery list to your phone, look into your fridge without even opening it (Transparent smart screens) and the most functional feature, it can let you know when your food is expiring. No more awful smell you can’t seem to fi


Security Luxury homes


Safety First 

It is no surprise to us that home security is a trend we will see a lot of in 2020. It has been at the top of our priority list for years and it still has a long way to go. We invest a lot of money into our homes and we all want to make sure our safety isn’t compromised. This trend ties into the integration of AI-driven tech as we are going to see much more intelligent Home surveillance. Because we want our cameras to catch everything and alert us when a non-desirable event is occurring, we have to use advanced technology to sort through all of the information our cameras take in all day, every day. Nest and Ring are great examples of smart security and have been keeping homes safe for the last few years. We can only expect to see great things from them and other companies in the Surveillance world. 2020 is the year of safety and comfort in your home so why not run with it?




Landscaping Trends 2020

I know I know, With the snow on the ground and the cold in the air none of us are thinking of how we are going to design our outdoor space but we wanted to let you in on the trends we will see this upcoming spring and summer in hopes to spark some excitement and anticipation that will help you get through these next few months. It’s never too early to visualize or maybe even long for the hours that are going to be spent in the sun, working on that tan or just relaxing and taking in that beautiful fresh air. Here are the 2020 landscaping trends we are going to see this upcoming season.

Keep It Simple

Sleek, simple and contemporary landscaping is a 2020 trend we are going to be seeing a lot of this year. A great way to achieve this look is with an elegant outdoor kitchen area, a water or fire feature or simplistic stonework. Our Listing on 1001 Westpoint is a great example of a beautiful fire feature adding a contemporary and sleek style to space. Another way to achieve a contemporary outdoor space is by adding plants with red, black or purple leaves this will give it a striking but elegant look to any space. Placing light under steps, patios or any of your landscape structures does not only add a level of safety to your space but will achieve the effect that they are floating and will give it a modern and futuristic feel to any outdoor space. Keeping it sleek and simple is a great trend because it has minimal upkeep and a lot of the features can be multi-season.


Outdoor Tiles QVA real estate

Bring on the Porcelain

There is a lot to be excited about when it comes to porcelain tiles, they have a long life-span and are very versatile so they fit into any outdoor space. Porcelain tiles are a great idea if you have a high foot traffic area because it is resistant to breaks, scratches, and scuffs but also comes in a plethora of shades and designs.  Whether it be around your firepit or on your patio, porcelain tiles will tie your whole space together beautifully making it a 2020 trend we are all-embracing with open arms. 


Outdoor Fireplace luxury homes

Time to get Cozy 

Secluded spaces is a 2020 trend that we all needed, creating a cozy outdoor space will make it impossible to go inside. The ultimate goal when planning your outdoor space is to have a balance between lush growth and an inviting, comfortable area.  An area that makes you want to relax and take in some fresh air whether it be with a book or some music. This balance is quite simple to achieve, use that corner that you don’t know what to do with and add a cozy chair, a water feature and voila! You have your own outdoor getaway.


Garden shot QVA

Organic Garden

Reuse Reduce Recycle

Organic Gardening is a trend we all saw coming. It is both a real estate trend and a movement as we become increasingly aware of the benefits of reuse-reduce-recycle. Organic gardening can be a lot of fun and a great opportunity to grow some of your own fruit, vegetables, and herbs. Gardening organically means preserving as many native plants as possible and using compost instead of fertilizer. Organic gardening has quite the list of positives, going beyond the health benefits.  Furthermore, it has environmental positives including soil health and preservation of the coexisting plants and animals. Long story short, although Organic gardening is a 2020 real estate trend we don’t see going away anytime soon

Birds of Paradise

Bring that Vacation home 

Remember those beautiful and exotic plants last time you were on vacation in Mexico or Jamaica? Plants like orchids, and lilies? Well, it’s time to bring a little of that into your landscape.  A lot of us don’t think that is an option if you live somewhere with a colder climate but do not worry there are plenty of tropical plants that thrive in all areas.  For example, Bamboo, Birds of paradise, and hibiscus are all very hardy and weather-resistant as well as low maintenance! So time to step outside and enter into your own personal oasis.


Interior Design Trends 2020

Oh, the excitement of the new year.  As we celebrate another revolution around the sun we set new goals, challenges and of course we look forward to all the new real estate trends. Since we are all setting goals to better ourselves this upcoming year we may as well give your home the refresher it needs. Stepping into a new decade means a lot of change and this gives us the opportunity to rethink what trends we should carry over to 2020 and what trends should be left in the dust. Here are some of the 2020 real estate trends in interior design expected to take over this year.


Black Is the New Black 

Dark Tones Kelowna

Some believe this was an inevitable future as the trend the last few years has been white on white with bright accents but dark tones have always had a place in our hearts. This upcoming year we are expecting to see dark accent walls, sofas, and cabinets. Pairing dark cabinets with light hardware will give it an edgy and modern look.  As seen in our listing at 716 Vance Ave.  This real estate trend will remain timeless as the years pass by. Expect to see the rise of black tubs and bold, dark colors on doors

“Painting an interior door in a rich color adds warmth and character to space” stated Anne R. Kokoskie of Styled by ARK.

Now, this doesn’t mean rip up all of the white countertops and repaint the walls, all we are saying is adding some dark tones will create a beautiful contrast that will make any space pop. This is a 2020 trend we are looking forward to.

Live and Let Live!

The Next 2020 real estate trend in interior design that is worth discussing is going to add some life to your space.  REAL PLANTS!  In 2019 we saw a huge trend of faux plants but we quickly realized that the novelty wears off fast. Faux plants don’t grow (duh!) so there is no transition in space, faux plants also get dusty FAST and who wants to wash their plants? Wasn’t it the zero maintenance that started faux plants in the first place? Having real plants not only looks nice they have plenty of health benefits too, so time to go plant shopping and exercise that green thumb we know you have!

Been There Done That 

Geometric Patterns is not a new real estate trend, it has been around not only in 2019 but 2018 as well.  Cups, notebooks, sofas, light fixtures, wallpaper, etc it was everywhere. Geometric designs are beautiful because they can be colorful or monochromatic but they still add a sense of art, so they fit into any space, sounds great right? Well, we have taken it a bit too far so the 2020 real estate trend of geometric patterns is to take it one step farther by taking a step back. Geometric balance is the 2020 real estate trend in interior design we are following.  You can still make that bold, creative statement but instead of making it the entire sofa let’s spice up your space with a geometric pillow or throw. Moving forward we want to be strategic, less is more when it comes to geometric this year

Natural Bathroom Kelowna

Let us connect  

According to Webster’s dictionary, Biophilia is defined as a hypothetical human tendency to interact or be closely associated with other forms of life in nature. Biophilia is another 2020 real estate trend in interior that has been a long time coming. With all of the climate change and sustainability issues, it is time we shift our design to something less manufactured and more organic. Having a more natural look to your home promotes not only cleanliness but a sense of welcoming and friendliness to any space. Although high tech homes are great it’s time we get in touch with nature again, maybe we put down the phone and check out the view that we are surrounded with especially here in Kelowna. In 2020 using recycled wood for tables, chairs and live plants to add some color you can have a stylish home and a clean conscious this year.

Old is the New, New

You read that right! Vintage is coming back. The 2020 real estate trend that we are most excited for is vintage accents. Hopefully, your grandma didn’t throw away her old chandeliers or coffee tables because they will be worth a pretty penny this upcoming year. The trend we will be seeing a lot of is vintage ACCENTS, don’t go too overboard or you may just come across as outdated. Vintage accents can add a beautiful contrast in a modern style room and really draw attention to the details. The great thing about Vintage is there are so many styles and options you can still bring your own personality into it. Time to start thrifting!

In-home Sanctuary

2019 was a chaotic year and as a result, the 2020 trend we are all happy to slip into, is the In-Home Sanctuary. Lived -in and cozy are the vibes we are going for here.  2019 was full of modern design, steel, and straight lines but it’s about time we embrace a more harmonious look and feel in 2020. With a warm and welcoming home comes neutral colors, comfy couches, and smaller, warmer spaces. I don’t think this is a trend anyone is going to complain about this year.

A perfect example of this look and feel of our luxury listing at 4850 Tuscany Lane.



Now that you know what to look out for let’s find your dream home in the Okanagan. The professional Realtors® at Quincy Vrecko & Associates specializes in helping buyers discover the kind of luxury real estate Kelowna’s wealthiest covet for good reason. Call 250-863-8810.





Local Restaurants While Home for the Holidays


Being Home for the Holidays is the perfect time to try some of the great local restaurants we have here in Kelowna this holiday season. Make sure to take a break from all of that Christmas shopping and check out their happy hour.

One Big Table

One Big Table is a Cooperative- owned grocery store that provides seasonal fruits and vegetables, free-range meats and eggs, artisan cheeses and bread to the community. This hidden gem also makes some great sandwiches, Soups, and Salads that taste great but also make you feel great as all of their products are local – there’s something nice about knowing where you’re food comes from isn’t there?

Location: 1440 St Paul St, Kelowna, BC


Raudz Micro bites

Nothing like daily happy hour at a spot that has not only great drinks but delicious food as well. Microbar + bites specialize in global plates, charcuterie & cocktails with an international touch.  Micro bites + bar have made a small space, great. With every fixture and tabletop a piece of art it is a go-to if you are home for the holidays this season.

Location: 1500 Water St, Kelowna, BC


BNA Brewing Co. – Eatery

In the building that used to house The British North American Tobacco Company, BNA is a brewer + eatery that is devoted to celebrating the history of 1250 Ellis Street. With the history sprouts a Rustic brewer + eatery with great energy and even better food, there is no better combo for the holidays

Location: 1250 Ellis Street, Kelowna, B.C


Krafty Kitchen + Bar 

Krafty Kitchen +Bar is a casual eatery and bar that believes in High-quality food in an upbeat and social atmosphere. All of their ingredients are farm to table, minimally processed and handled with the utmost care. If you are home for the holidays make sure to take a break from all that Christmas shopping and stop in for a beer and an appy


Location: 281 Lawrence Ave, Kelowna, BC


Salt and Brick

Salt and Brick Is a culinary experience like none other, there are fresh sheet menus created daily with one of a kind food and 101 local wines there is something for everyone. Salt and brick feature wines with a special focus on the smaller wineries that one would not experience on a trip to the Okanagan. Salt and brick is located on Bernard Avenue, the hotspot of Kelowna making it a perfect spot to stop if you’re home this holiday season

Location: 243 Bernard Ave, Kelowna, BC


Waterfront Wines

Waterfront Wines Kelowna

Waterfront Wines uses only fresh, local ingredients in each of their delicious and creative dishes, they even have a list of all the local farms they use in their dishes every day!. They are committed to making your dining experience exceptional and approachable. Waterfront Wines was named  ‘Best Okanagan Restaurant’ at the Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards the last eleven years in a row so they must be doing something right!

Location: 1180 Sunset Dr #104, Kelowna, BC


If you are looking for Kelowna real estate within close proximity of great events and restaurants, contact the team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates. Our team of professional Kelowna real estate agents is ready to assist you with your next Kelowna home purchase. 

Kelowna Shops While Home for the Holidays

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Being Home for the Holidays can be a bit overwhelming with all the events, shopping and family suppers, here at Quincy Vrecko and Associates we thought we would try and make the holiday season a little less stressfull so you can truly enjoy this cheerful time.


Morgane is located in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. This Woman Clothing store has a vision to always provide a personal and enthusiastic styling experience. Morgane will help you look good and feel comfortable in the clothing you wear no matter where or what you are doing. This Boutique perfect place to stop by if you are home for the holidays


Location:1393 Ellis St, Kelowna, B.C


European Goldsmith

European Goldsmiths was founded by John and Kim Berg in 1996, European Goldsmith Fine Jewellery is a family-owned and operated jewelry store in Kelowna, BC. Their warm and welcoming staff truly love the industry and appreciate the ability to be part of your special moment. When you visit European Goldsmith, you get to discover what feelings look like.

Location: 109 – 2900 Pandosy St, Kelowna, B.C



MacDermott’s has been the luxury shopping destination in Kelowna since 1995 and has been a one-stop-shop for modern men’s business wear ever since. This beautiful shop carries a large selection of premium brands and was voted ‘Best in Men’s Clothing in Kelowna’ for multiple years, MacDermott’s reputation for modern style and customer service is what makes it a need to see if you are home for the holidays this season 

Location:565 Bernard Ave, Kelowna, B.C



Karat Chocolate and Pastry Boutique

Karat Chocolate and Pastry Boutique located in the Heart of Kelowna this magnificent small-batch chocolate company focuses on bringing you the freshest essentials to make your day perfect. Each bar and chocolate is carefully crafted and wrapped by hand. If you are home for the holidays this season make sure to treat yourself to a cup of Phil & Sabastian coffee and some Signature Karat Chocolates

  Location: 1526 Ellis Street, Kelowna, B.C

Mosiac Kelowna

Mosiac Book Store

Mosiac Book Store carries over 6,000 bargain-priced books that are generally 50-70% off the list price, this includes new releases and popular sellers. This book store doesn’t stop at books, they carry jigsaw puzzles and board games too!

Location: 411 Bernard Avenue, Kelowna, BC


Lakehouse Downtown Kelowna


LAKEHOUSE is a family-owned and operated “lifestyle store”, combining unique ingredients to create an exceptional and unexpected experience. Thye have sourced hundreds of suppliers from around the world to bring the people of Kelowna a fresh new style. LAKEHOUSE has something for everyone including kitchen, furniture, home décor, wine and bar, and giftware.

  Locations: 100 – 510 Bernard Ave, Kelowna, B.C + 1264 Ellis Street, Kelowna, B.C


Home for the Holidays: Holiday Events

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Staying home for the holidays is always such a nice treat, no worry about traveling, no stress about the bad weather roads. We are so lucky that Kelowna is so full of talented and creative local vendors and planners. One of the greatest joys is going to holiday events and Kelowna is overflowing with great options. Enjoy everything from treats to lights, skating to Santa, and all that falls between. This December Kelowna is boasting with a holiday event almost every day. To help you relieve the stress of choosing the right one for you here is a curated list of our favourites.

Kelowna Winter Night Market

Downtown Kelowna’s Light Up and Winter Street Market. If you are looking for the perfect holiday event to get in the Christmas spirit what better way to do so than to snuggle up next to a big fire while sipping hot chocolate or enjoying all of those classic sweet treats you have come to expect from a holiday event, or maybe the savory treats are more your style, that is no problem as your favourite food trucks will be parked and ready for you. December 1st is the perfect date to start (or continue if you are already well in the Christmas spirit) the holiday festivities. With the promise of fun for the whole family, you won’t want to miss this event.

Mission Hill Tree Festival

If you are looking for winter fun that is also philanthropic, Mission Hill Winery’s Festival of Lights is the holiday event for you. From November 22nd until January 4th you can take in the lights during Mission Hill’s winery hours. This spectacular event offers more than just a beautifully illuminated forest, you will also be able to enjoy mulled wine, hot chocolate, food stations, and entertainment. This year’s entertainment is provided by Kelowna’s very own Mt. Boucherie Secondary school jazz band and choir, Dereck Joel, and others. This event is in support of the BC Children’s Hospital, which provides countless benefits to so many families across the province.

Sensitive Santa

On December 8th and 15th for the fifth year in a row Autism Okanagan and Tracey and Quincy Vrecko of Re/Max Kelowna present a wonderful evening for families with members on the Autism Spectrum to enjoy. Orchard park mall will be open after hours offering a sensory-friendly environment with the lights dimmed and music off. This will allow families to create those traditional Holiday memories that children living on the spectrum can be otherwise too sensitive to enjoy. Santa will be there meeting with each child and family individually. Families are able to book a designated time slot in advance allowing no crowds or lines. This sensitive Santa experience is just another reason we love Kelowna’s Holiday Events. Not all holiday events are designed with everyone in mind, but this one is special. For more on past events look here.


West Kelowna Holiday Events

December 2, 2019. Located at the Mt. Boucherie Community Centre on Cameron Road. Head over to West Kelowna for a chance to skate with Santa hosted by I Heat Radio. Hot Chocolate and Timbits provided by Tim Hortons. This is a free family event guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face. Mt. Boucherie Community Centre is also offering cookie decorating and other family activities if you still want to see Santa but skating isn’t for you. West Kelowna also hosts a City Centre Light Up on December 7, 2019, along Brown Road.

Craft Fairs

What are the holidays without craft fairs? With more and more people becoming conscious of where the things they purchase are coming from and how they are made, the local crafter’s markets are the ideal spot to pick up gifts for the whole family. From children’s toys to home décor, baked goods to body products and everything in between finding the perfect craft fair is key. Here is a list of our favourite craft fairs;

 Craft Culture:

December 7-8, 2019 located at Prospera Place. This event offers a swag bag full of vendor goodies to the first 50 people through the door both days. Admission is only $5 and supports the local Mamas for Mamas Charity.

Christmas Time:

December 7-8, 2019. Located at 421 Cawston Ave. Artisans Showcase presents Christmas Time. Free admission for this holiday event.  With over 60 vendors, food trucks, and activities to keep the kids entertained this is the perfect holiday event for the whole family. Don’t forget your donation to the food bank!

Winter Moon Makers Market:

December 15. Located at the Laurel Packinghouse. Be one of the first 75 people through the door and receive a swag bag. Buy your ticket online through Eventbrite for $3 or at the door for $5. This is a curated craft fair with that puts an emphasis on local handmade goods.

Kelowna Etsy Collective Holiday Pop Up Market

December 15, 2019, located ar 1125 Richter St. If the name isn’t enough of a mouthful then the delicious treats you will find here sure will be. Sandhill’s tasting room will remain open during this event. Offering a chance to shop from all of your favourite Okanagan Etsy brands in an in-person environment doesn’t come along every day. Kelowna’s Etsy Collective Holiday Market boasts that husbands are welcome for that perfect last-minute shopping spree we all go on. You will find one-of-a-kind gifts and scrumptious holiday treats.

Grab your reusable shopping bags and a donation to the local food bank and we will see you there!

For more information on these events keep an eye on our Facebook and  Instagram.

If you are looking for Kelowna real estate within close proximity of fun activities indoor and outdoor, contact the team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates (250) 868-3602. Our team of professional Kelowna real estate agents is ready to assist you with your next Kelowna home purchase.


Guide to the ultimate Kelowna man-cave

Man caves are specific to each person, everyone has different preferences and budgets but whether it is outside in the garage, in the basement or behind a hidden bookcase is it YOUR space. Man-caves let you express your self no questions asked, complete freedom. The options are endless and sometimes that can be overwhelming, here are some ideas to help you create the ultimate Kelowna man-cave.

Time to have some balance in your life

It is all about balance if you want a games table whether it Foose ball, or pool makes sure it doesn’t take over the entire room. You want to make sure you have options, add a bar and a cinema if the space permits. If not, Think about what your priorities are,  you want as many activities as possible. Although we cannot give you the go-ahead to put a full-sized Pacman machine or a golf simulator in your living room it is completely acceptable in your Kelowna Man-cave. You can do whatever you want with this space, so make it spectacular.

It’s alright to have a Theme

As much as it doesn’t seem like the word “theme”  has a place in a man-cave it can bring you space to the next level. Whether it is a chill hang out space for sipping on your favorite beer and playing some pool or a collage of your #1 sports team memorabilia, anything goes. If you do have a love for sports don’t be afraid to show it in your Kelowna man-cave. This space should be your pride and joy, you have the power to create the atmosphere as if your favorite team is always winning.

Get creative with the T.V

A T.V as if it appears from nowhere; this is every man’s dream. When it is not in use it is nowhere to be seen but at a click of a button, your beautiful T.V appears. You don’t want your space to look like just a Cinema. Having a hidden T.V can also save a lot of space and help you get the most out of your Kelowna man cave.

Time to party

Every Man-cave needs a bar, no one wants to leave there perfect isolated cave to go and get a beer. If you have space, put a full bar in and get some cool, masculine-looking bar stools to really spice up the area. If you don’t have space a butlers bar or bar console will definitely do the trick



Are you getting your home ready to sell? Now that you have an awesome Man-cave take advantage of the time and advice given by our expert Kelowna Real Estate team, which ensures your home is in its best shape to set your sale up for success. Get in touch! 1-778-760-2860!


Tackle your Home Garage in One Weekend

Now that summer is over, you are closing down the pool and putting all your outdoor furniture away and cringe at the sight of pure disorganization and an utter mess. You are dreaming of the day you walk into your home garage and can actually fit your vehicle inside without hitting the kids’ bikes over. If this sounds all too familiar, it is time to get the whole family involved in a little weekend organization.

garage with workbench

Distinguish the Main Purpose of your Home Garage

Have you always dreamt of the ultimate workshop in your home garage or do you just want to be able to fit your car into the home garage without hitting everything along the way? Before even beginning to touch anything in the home garage distinguish what the main purpose will be. This makes the planning process of how you can go about organizing way easier.


Use the Walls/Ceiling

This is something you can’t normally do inside your home but in your garage, it is totally acceptable. You have a ton of wall space and ceiling space that can be used for storage. Are you a biking family? Does your family like to Ski/Snowboard? Big items like bikes, paddleboards, skis, and snowboards are great for storing on the ceiling and/or on your walls. Install proper hooks to keep these items off the ground and your home garage will already start to feel less cluttered.

Declutter, Donate and Throw Out!

Great time to get rid of things you have not used all year and start 2020 off right! While you are going through the items in your home garage, think to yourself… “Have I used this 

in the past 12 months?” If the answer is no, then donate it or throw it out!


Create a Space for Each Family Member

Do your kids throw their boots, snow jackets, skis or snowboards wherever they can find floor space in your home garage? It’s time to dedicate each of them a space to keep their items. Try installing fun lockers or shelving units that are labeled with each family member’s names so they know where they can store their items and makes things easily accessible.

Toolbox in garage

Keep the Tools to One Area, One Toolbox

Does your husband have an abundance of tools that you have to seem him use a handful of times but they are taking over your home garage? Invest in one big rolling toolbox found at hardware stores. These are great to keep in your garage as they will roll around depending on where you need them and also keep your tools organized. No more tripping over tools.

Are you getting your home ready to sell? Take advantage of the time and advice given by our expert Kelowna Real Estate Team, which ensures your home is in the best shape to set your sale up for success. Get in touch today 1-778-760-2860!

7 Necessities for your Kelowna Guest Bedroom


Now that it is October and the summer has come and went it is time to update and organize your Kelowna home. Whether it is small weekend projects or a big project that will take months it is time to get your Kelowna home updated to better suit your family’s needs. With the weekend slowly approaching we have a small project that you can tackle – Your Kelowna Guest Bedroom! Here are 7 things we believe every Guest Bedroom needs.

Clean Sheets

There’s something about coming home to the smell of a clean house and a freshly washed pair of sheets so make your guests feel that way when they step in their guest bedroom. Invest in a few good sets of sheets so you are not stuck doing laundry if you have back-to-back guests coming. Keep some thicker blankets in the closet or end of the bed so if your guests get cooler in the night they have a blanket to add on!


Keep Necessities on Hand

No one is perfect, it is fate that one of your guests will forget something when they travel whether that be a toothbrush, a hairbrush or some toothpaste. Make them feel welcome by keeping some necessities on hand for scenarios like this. Great idea to have a bucket of toiletries in the closet or end table for your guests so they don’t have to come to you every time they realize they forgot something.


Clean Out the Closet

If you have been using the guest bedroom closet as a place for storage it’s time to get cleaning! Clean out the closet and leave some extra hangers so your guests have a way to organize their clothes rather than wrinkling them in their suitcase.

books and magazinesSet of Books/Magazines

It’s always nice to have a few magazines or books in the bedroom, so if your guests are having a tough time going to bed or just want to be able to relax for a few hours they have something to do! Keep them in the bedside table for easy access and your guests will thank you later!

Extra Chargers

There’s nothing worse than leaving your charger at home by accident. Have a few chargers in the bedside table of your Kelowna guest room so just in case your guest forgot theirs they can still enjoy using their mobile device while away to keep in contact with their loved ones back home.

bedside lampAdd Some Extra Lighting

Do your guests like to read before they go to bed or do they like to enjoy a little midnight snack? Don’t let them enjoy it in the dark! Find some unique end table lamps to add to your Kelowna guest bedroom!


Extra Pillows

There’s nothing worse than staying at someone else’s house and having sleepless nights. Make your guests feel comfortable in your Kelowna guest bedroom by adding some extra pillows to the bed.  This also doubles as a backrest if you don’t have a chair in the bedroom. They can easily place the pillows behind their back for a more comfortable position to read in!

fresh flowersAdd Florals

Nothing says a clean fresh room like a bouquet of flowers. It doesn’t have to be an expensive arrangement but something small and fresh will do the trick. Just ensure you buy it the day of or day before your guests arrive so it stays fresh throughout their stay.


Are you getting your home ready to sell? Take advantage of the time and advice given by our expert Kelowna real estate team, which ensures your home is in its best shape to set your sale up for success. Get in touch! 1-778-760-2860!


Boost your Home Curb Appeal 



While we were traveling through the Upper Mission on the weekend, we couldn’t help but stare at some of the homes with the BEST home curb appeal. We just had to share some of the ideas with you! If you are lacking an eye-catching exterior for your home, we’ve got you covered!

Paint your Front Door

Yellow and blue door on brick house

Painting your front door is a quick and straightforward way to add to the home curb appeal, and if done right it can be completed on the weekend! We recommend a bold color to stand out from the rest of the house. Painting your front door is fun and unique, if your house is a grey or brown this is a fast way to add a signature touch to your home to prevent it from blending into the rest of the neighborhood

Upgrade your House Number

Modern house numbers

A simple upgrade to your house number will do more than you think! You can quickly modernize your home and there are so many different ways you can upgrade your house number. Whether you go to the store and buy some new numbers or you make your own, it is guaranteed to increase your home’s curb appeal.

Be creative with your mailbox

Doing something creative with your mailbox is a great way to add some personality to your home. Decorating your mailbox is a very fun project that will add curb appeal and function to any home. When painting your mailbox you can go as crazy as you want! You can even let your kids get creative and they can hang their artwork in front of your home. 

Get a new doorknob

Getting new doors nobs is a quick and cheap way to instantly add a modern look to your home. There is a wide range of styles and prices there is a doorknob for everyone. It does not seem like a big change but success in the details!

Add some greenery 

Adding some lush greenery to the front of your home will help add home curb appeal as well as make your home look healthy and maintained. All of the most attractive homes have an arrangement of plants out front. Greenery makes the home feel welcoming and cozy without even stepping inside.



Tracy at Quincy Vrecko and Associates is happy to give a free home curb appeal advice. Whether it be because you are selling your home or just want a little update.

Luxury home series: Gated community of Tuscany Lane


Featuring an amazing luxury home at 4850 Tuscany Lane

Perched on a private ridge in the Upper Mission lies this small gated community of 8 exquisite luxury homes with spectacular views of Lake Okanagan.

This prestigious community is home to 4850 Tuscany Lane.  A luxury home like no other. A contemporary flair on a traditional Tuscan inspired home. 

4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms
Offered at $2 695 000

Upper Mission Executive 4850 Tuscany LaneThis luxury home is inviting and exudes opulence from the moment you enter.  The grand entrance through the wrought iron front doors opens to views of Lake Okanagan and displays the detail in the finishing with the barreled ceiling and accent lighting.  The alder wood floors bring warmth and function to the space making this home livable luxury.  

The main living area of this luxury home is an open concept while strategically separating the rooms slightly to define each space.  The wall of windows and sliding glass door lights up the area and allows for spectacular views of Lake Okanagan and downtown Kelowna.  The living room boasts 14 foot trayed ceilings with accent ribbon lighting perfect for setting the mood.  

Conveniently located just off the living room is a wet bar complete with 140 bottle temperature-controlled wine cellar with a barrel wood ceiling.  Upper Mission Executive 4850 Tuscany Lane

The kitchen is equipped with top of the line appliances including a pot filler above the 6 burner gas Dacor stove.  The soft white cabinetry is complemented by the rich wood accents and tied together with the unique granite countertops.  The kitchen leads off to the butler pantry, and powder room down the hall back to the foyer. 

The lavish master bedroom of this luxury home is perfectly positioned to enjoy the Lake views while ensuring optimal privacy.   The ensuite master bathroom is separated by a 2 sided linear fireplace and features soaker tub and large walk-in steam shower. The master wing is complete with a massive walk-in closet with island and built-in cabinetry with direct access to one of 2 laundry rooms in the home.  

This level is complete with an office overlooking the front entrance and access to the courtyard.  This room features built-in solid wood cabinetry and desk.  

Built by Bill Frame, an award-winning luxury home builder, known for quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.  This is not just a luxury home, it is a work of art with every detail planned out and executed perfectly. Sprawling over 6500 square feet over 2 floors, the design of the home allows for continuous flow from room to room.  

Upper Mission Executive 4850 Tuscany LaneThis luxury home features the best in technology.  With 11 televisions and a home automation system that controls the Lutron lighting system, audio and visual, HVAC, blinds and all security cameras.  Convenience and security in the palm of your hands.  

The lower walk-out level of the home mirrors the main with a spacious landing leading to a cozy family room.  This is a great space to relax and sit by the fireplace or grab a drink from the adjacent wet bar. The room is open to the games room and has direct access to the covered pool deck.  

This lower level is where you will find 3 more bedrooms.  One with ensuite and 2 others with access to the pool deck.  Continuing on the lower level, you will find a home gym and large pool bathroom. This level also offers a unique storage/hobby space with side garage door access and built-in storage cabinets.

Upper Mission Executive 4850 Tuscany LaneAnd for a night at the movies, no need to go out!  This incredible media room was made to give a true movie theatre experience.  Complete with a 115-inch screen with 9.1 surround sound you can project any movie, sports games, concerts or favorite show.  The room is soundproofed to omit sound transfer throughout the home and sound panels were installed to give the perfect sound inside.  The theater seating with comfy recliners and the wet bar at the back will make it so you never go out again!


Okanagan outdoor living at it’s finest

A luxury home is not complete without an amazing outdoor living space to enjoy the best of the Okanagan.  And this spectacular home does not disappoint. The upper deck is perfect for all year round enjoyment with full electric shades and overhead gas heaters.  Accessed from the living room, dining room and master bedroom, this deck has a built-in kitchen with Vermont Castings BBQ and a lounge area with hidden TV.  

Upper Mission Executive 4850 Tuscany Lane


The pool deck invites you to soak in the summer with a 38 foot, salt-water, self-cleaning pool, and sunken hot tub.  The patio is stamped concrete with plenty of room to lounge around the pool while taking in the beautiful views of Lake Okanagan, downtown Kelowna, and West Kelowna. Landscaped for ultimate privacy for the neighbors, it also features a water fountain and gas fire pit perfect for a cool evening.  

The home has room for all the toys with a triple car garage complete with dog wash and finished with epoxy floors, storage units and roughed in for a car lift.  

For more details on this amazing luxury home, visit QuincyVrecko.com and take a virtual tour.  To see this home in person, call Steve Hyndman from Quincy Vrecko and Associates luxury real estate team. 

Craft Brewery Boom in Kelowna & Area

The growing craft brewery industry in Kelowna has become something to boast about. 

For years, Kelowna been known for their world-renowned wine industry.  Although over the past few years, microbreweries are on the rise and making waves in the Okanagan.  

Kelowna and surrounding area is home to over 20 craft brewery (microbreweries).  

craft brewery-flight menu

craft brewery-flight menu

Here is a glimpse at a few popular Microbreweries

Tree Brewing

Founded in 1996, The Tree Brewing Company opened the doors to their Beer Institute in 2014.  Here they offer tours & tastings as well as a full menu. 

Freddy’s Brewpub
Founded in 2000, Freddy’s has been a local favorite among other locally owned pubs.  Here they bowl and brew alongside the McCurdy Bowling center. 

A newer brewery in Kelowna in one of Kelowna’s oldest buildings.  Located in the historic building originally constructed for the British North American Tobacco Company (which is where BNA got its name).  A great atmosphere to enjoy the selection of beers brewed right on site. There is a full kitchen along with bowling lanes and shuffleboard tables.  

Elevation 57 Brewing
Canada’s highest brewery.  Located Big White ski resort, this unique craft brewery produces 12 craft beers.  Not only does it have a full kitchen, but they also have escape rooms for some fun after dinner.  

Since 2017, 13 breweries have either opened doors or are set to open summer 2019. We have a craft brewery boom on our hands!


There are some great options if you want to tour these establishments.  A couple of local tour companies began offering craft brewery tours as early as 2017.  

craft brewery toursBoth ahead of the curve, Beach Bum Tours is a local company and national Canadian Craft Tours branching out in the same year. Brew Crew Kelowna began offering craft brewery tours June 2019 quickly followed by Sage Brush Tours in Penticton.

Craft brewery tours have been popular for staff parties, bachelor & bachelorette parties and birthday.  Furtheromore, many tourists who visit Kelowna and are looking for something new after visiting our beloved wineries. This boost is a benefit to the local tourism economy and is welcomed by local businesses, especially those with connections to the industry. 

Beyond the brew

Not only are these local businesses producing amazing microbrewed craft beer, but some of the craft brewery locations also offer either a full menu or lighter fare.  

Full menus: 

  • BNA
  • Tree Brewing

    Red Bird Brewing

    Red Bird Brewing

  • Vice & Virtue
  • Elevation 57

Lighter fare:

  • Red Bird
  • Truck 59
  • Kettle River

While Kelowna has always been known for amazing wines, Craft brewery is now on the rise.  

So, beer lovers, maybe you will find your favorite new microbrew right here in Kelowna so give us a try!