13 Ways to Make Kelowna Houses for Sale Look Trendy

Look Trendy

Many Kelowna houses for sale embody some of these 13 features to help speed up the number of days on market.


Flipping through home design magazines, it always seems to be the same décor themes that stand out: sophisticated home furnishings, fancy feature walls, and unique eye-catching details. Kelowna houses for sale that feature these characteristics don’t seem to spend a lot of time on the market before they sell.

If you’re looking for affordable ways to add drama to your home before listing it, we’ve got a list of tips to help you out.

1. Reupholster dated and worn-out furniture.

If your furniture has seen better days, a quick reupholster job could bring it back into the twenty first century.

2. Apply marble contact paper to flat surfaces.

For a quick pop of elegance, apply marble contact paper to desktops and tabletops.

3. Add faux wainscoting.

Wainscoting adds a touch of elegance to any room. Using recycled chair rails, wooden frames, and white paint, you can easily increase the appeal of any room in your home.

4. Create the appearance of built-in bookcases.

Without doing any major renovations, you can use old bookcases and crown moulding to create an eye-catching faux built-in.  

5. Re-vamp lifeless light fixtures.

A can of metallic spray paint (we recommend copper) can change the appearance of outdated light fixtures in less than 15 minutes.  

6. Replace or repaint kitchen and bathroom hardware.

It’s amazing how something as simple as changing these little details can increase the value of Kelowna houses for sale.   

7. Distress your furnishings.

By distressing some of the furnishings in your home, you can add unique character to your home.

8. Update your window trim.

Bold trim that’s freshly painted is the perfect frame to showcase the beautiful views outside.    

9. Use recycled wood to make accent walls and headboards.

One of the most popular emerging trends in Kelowna houses for sale is the use of barn wood and other recycled wood to make feature walls, backdrops and décor items. 

10. Strategically place wallpaper in unexpected places.

Add a little dash of elegance by incorporating sophisticated wallpaper in your favourite rooms.   

11. Give your cabinetry a facelift.

A little sanding and a coat of paint on already existing cabinets can go a long way. Add a little luxury by choosing a trendy colour that compliments your current appliances.

12. Update boring bathroom mirrors.

By adding trim around your bathroom mirrors, you can add the illusion of fancy finishing without removing the mirror from the wall.

13. Boost that curb appeal.

Another really popular way to improve the value of your Kelowna properties is to boost the curb appeal. By boosting the curb appeal, you’ll find yourself with more interested buyers excited to tour the interior of your home.

For tips on how to do this, take a peak at our previous post: Kelowna Real Estate: Boosting Your Home’s Curb Appeal.


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