Listing your home for Sale.

Listing a home for sale in Kelowna

There are many choices out there for listing a home for sale in Kelowna.  When it comes to your largest investment, it is important to choose the team that will get you top dollar for your property.  

Here are the top 5 reasons for listing with Vrecko Real Estate Group, one of the top real estate teams in Kelowna.

Listing Exposure

A strong online presence gets more views on property listings. Vrecko Real Estate Group has one of the best real estate websites in the Okanagan with top real estate terms securing top web rankings.  This means more exposure for Vrecko listings. So when listing a home for sale in Kelowna, the reach to potential buyers goes much further. A strong web presence along with a large social media platform with thousands of followers that share Vrecko listings through all social networks ensures maximum views.  

Informed Showings

It is important as a homeowner to prepare a home for showings so each showing counts, and that takes time. When showing requests are received, the Vrecko team has a process in place to ensure there is a qualified buyer viewing the home.  The team at Vrecko Real Estate Group personally relays important information about the property and points out the highlights of the area. A home is more than just a home, it’s a lifestyle and the team understands the importance of selling a lifestyle.

Target marketing

Every home is different, therefore, each listing needs different marketing.  When listing a home for sale in Kelowna, the Vrecko team will first determine the target market for that listing.  From there, more direct marketing is done to attract a buyer. (Long gone are the days of just putting up a sign-up). With detailed analytics, the Vrecko Real Estate Group team can track the viewing activity on each listing to determine where the activity is coming from.  The QVA will find the buyer!


Before listing a home for sale in Kelowna, the first step is staging ideas to prepare the home for photography. Vrecko Real Estate Group works with the best real estate photography team in Kelowna that takes professional photos and produces a lifestyle video on the home and surrounding area.  This marketing not only shows off the features of the home, but the lifestyle that goes with it. In addition to photo and video, Vrecko Real Estate Group has top-of-the-line technology and offers 360 tours and even virtual reality.  


All team members at Vrecko Real Estate Group have a sales background and are experienced in a wide variety of real estate sales including Luxury properties, waterfront homes, family homes, townhomes and condominiums, new home construction, and real estate development.  They are a diverse group of agents with strong skills to ensure top service for their clients. With strong negotiation skills and techniques, any home investment is in good hands with this experienced team.

Dedicated to a superior level of customer service the team at Vrecko Real Estate Group continues to strive to be the top real estate team in Kelowna.  When listing a home for sale in Kelowna, look no further than a team that will work hard to earn your business.

One more thing, as an added bonus, the Vrecko team sends cleaners when you move.  Call now!

Target Marketing

target marketing for home sales in Kelowna

Every home is different and needs a marketing plan unique to that property