Sell your Kelowna Luxury Home Quicker than your Competition

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When you put your Kelowna luxury home up for sale, it’s important you make your home stand out from the competition. There are plenty of Kelowna luxury homes for sale, it’s all about how you go about the sale process that will make yours sell quicker than it’s competition. So what are our three tips for selling your Kelowna luxury home quicker than your competition? Check out below for our three secrets…

Have an experienced luxury real estate agent

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Hire a professional luxury real estate agent

We recently wrote a blog on the difference between hiring a Kelowna luxury realtor vs. hiring a Kelowna real estate agent. Check out that blog here. To summarize, Kelowna luxury real estate agents are experienced in the luxury real estate market and they have the proper marketing techniques to reach the most amount of people in the least amount of time. It takes an experienced luxury real estate agent to really sell your Kelowna luxury home. It’s not just putting a for sale sign up and waiting for an offer.

Highlight the best features

What makes your Kelowna luxury home the best on the block? What separates you from other homes on the market? Do you have breathtaking views? Do you have an unique pool? Whatever the features are of your Kelowna luxury home, focus on that and highlight them! Spend extra time in those areas to ensure that your potential buyer knows that these areas are the most unique!

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Is the price right?

Is the price right?

This takes a experienced real estate agent who is knowledgeable in the market! In order to price your Kelowna luxury home, it’s important to have a knowledgeable luxury real estate come into your home and do a market evaluation. They will be able to view the other homes that sold in the area and that are currently listed and give you a fair market price for your home. Keep in mind, what your Kelowna luxury home was valued at 6 months ago may not be the same today. If you need an updated market evaluation, call us!

If you are looking to sell your Kelowna luxury home quicker than your competition, start by calling Quincy! Quincy is the luxury real estate agent with Quincy Vrecko and Associates! He has over 28 years experience in luxury sales. Look no further for a Kelowna luxury real estate agent who truly cares about his clients and always has their best interests in mind! Call Quincy today for a free market evaluation and let’s get your home sold! Call 1-250-863-8810 today!