Myths about Home Staging for your Kelowna property

staged living room of a Kelowna property

When you list your Kelowna property, it’s not uncommon to want the most money in the shortest amount of time. Hey! We totally understand that. The less cleaning and inconvenient showings the better? It’s important you attract the most amount of people in the shortest time in order to bring an offer to the table. So, is staging an option for you? Are you hesitant to hire a Kelowna home stager? Here are a few common myths that we hear about home staging and facts to go with it!

Myth: I can just stage my own home

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Myth: You can stage your own home

Fact: It is very hard for a Kelowna home seller to stage their own home. In fact, we have Kelowna home sellers contact us for a market evaluation and their house is in tip top shape and we still can offer a few tips on what to change from a fresh set of eyes. If you live in your Kelowna property, it’s hard to take your tastes out of it and stage as to how your Kelowna home buyers would want to see it staged. A fresh set of eyes and ideas from a Kelowna home stager can do wonders!

Myth: home staging is too expensive

Fact: Home staging can be expensive but we have seen that homes that are staged sell in less time and for a higher price. These Kelowna homes attract more buyers, they can see themselves living in the home and instantly fall in love with how it looks. Staging can do a lot for even the smallest of spaces! While it can take money to stage, it can all come back to you in the end on your home sale.

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Myth: You have decorated your home, that should be enough?

Myth: my home is decorated already, that’s should be enough?

Fact: There is a difference between decorating and staging a Kelowna property. Decorating your Kelowna property means decorating it to suit your style. When you “stage” a Kelowna home that is selling a lifestyle. You are selling the Kelowna home for the lifestyle it works with. Stage your outdoor living area with wine glasses and a bottle of wine, sell it as a relaxing place to come after a long day at work. It’s all about the lifestyle.

There are many myths about staging a Kelowna property! If you have more questions about why Kelowna home staging is important for your Kelowna property, contact our team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates. Our team of knowledgeable Kelowna realtors can answer any questions you may have! Call one of our Kelowna real estate agents today 1-778-760-2860!