Beat the Heat with Indoor Kelowna Home Activities

floaty in a pool

Well it’s no surprise, summer is here and it’s hot! The warm weather doesn’t look like it’s leaving us anytime soon either… With the heat in full swing, there are only so many times you want to jump into a pool or run through the sprinkler to cool off! If you are looking to beat this heat, check out our three indoor Kelowna home activities!

Feather Volleyball

feathers used to play volleyball

Play feather volleyball

If you need a great way to entertain a large group of kids or you want an activity all your kids can play together, try feather volleyball! This great version of volleyball can ensure nothing gets broken in the house, that’s for sure! In order to play feather volleyball, all you need is one large feather. You can purchase these feathers at a craft store. The trick is? No hands! You must only blow the feather around your Kelowna home using the air from your lungs! How fun!

DIY: Ice cream in a bag

What a great treat for your young ones! If you are looking to beat this heat, try to DIY ice cream in a bag. All you need to make ice cream in a bag is, a large ziploc bag, a small ziploc bag, ice, sugar, vanilla, cream and some salt! There are great recipes online to make it perfect! If you don’t want to use plastic, there are great alternatives. You can buy a ice cream ball. Place all the ingredients in the special ball and get your kids to kick it around in the basement for 20 minutes! Check online for some great ice cream balls to purchase!

bathtub toy floating in water

Sink or float?

Sink or Float?

Fill up the bathtub with cold water and play a game of sink or float! Have your kids go around the house and gather items that can get wet. Have them each say if they think the item will sink or float! If they are wrong? They have to go get the item in the cold bathtub! What a great way to cool off and play a fun game of sink or float?

Well, there you have it! A few great ways to beat the heat in your Kelowna home! If you are looking for a home in Kelowna for you and your family, contact the team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates! Our team of real estate agents have helped many Kelowna home buyers relocate to this beautiful city! Don’t wait, summer is almost gone! Purchase your Kelowna home and enjoy this beautiful weather! Call one of our team members today by calling 1-778-760-2860!