Prepare your home for Back to School

box of crayons on table of Okanagan home

It’s that time of year… the summer is coming to an end an school is creeping up sooner than we’d like it to! Back to school means a lot of things. It means preparing your kids for a new schedule, waking up early and after school activities. If you are gearing up for a busy school year, check out our three tips to ensure your Okanagan home is ready for back to school!

Clean and Declutter

closet organization before back to school

Clean and Declutter!

Yes, we said declutter and yes we know it’s not spring time! Believe or not, decluttering your Okanagan home can really set the tone for your school year. Who wants to start the year off looking for a pair of shoes or finding out the children’s clothes don’t fit and you have to last minute shop? We sure don’t! If you don’t feel like decluttering the whole house, stick with the most important rooms… mud room, kids bedrooms and study areas.

Establish a “homework zone”

Yes, one of the smartest things you can do is having a “homework zone”. This will ensure that the kids have a quiet and organized place to do their homework. Bonus for the parents? You know you’re kids are actually doing their homework! This can be a small area in your Okanagan home you are not using such as a hallway or spare room. Stock this area with pens, pencils and extra paper. Voila! You’ve made use of your spare space and the kids are getting their homework done!

scheduling and planning on desk of Okanagan home

Work on your new schedule

Work on your new schedule ahead of time

Getting your kids back into the swing of things can be difficult. Start by introducing a earlier bedtime but having family movie nights starting at 7pm and by the time the movie is over, new bedtime starts and the kids are wound down for the evening? It’s a win win! If you introduce the new/old schedule back into things in a fun way, it can help make the transition go a lot smoother. Stick the new schedule up in an area of your Okanagan home that everyone can see. Kitchen? Hallway? Mudroom? Wherever it may be, ensure every one of your kids can see it and know what they are expected to do!

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