Feng Shui

Designing according to ancient principles may do more than put your Kelowna real estate in balance – it may enhance your life.


You’ve heard it before,  “it’s the perfect time for a little feng shui revitalization at home”. But, what does that even mean? Yes, you’re not the only one left scratching your head – so, alas, it’s finally your time to understand the art of feng shui, and how to even incorporate it into your Kelowna real estate.

The History of Feng Shui

Translated from Chinese, Feng Shui (pronounced fung schway) means ‘Wind Water’.  This ancient Chinese philosophy is a unique mixture of art, science, design, metaphysics, intuition, common sense and superstition. Encompassing a wide variety of applications, it was originally thought to be used as a useful tool in choosing beneficial plots of land.

Understanding the Concept of Chi

Integral to the understanding of Feng Shui, is the concept of Chi (pronounced chee).  Chi is energy, and energy can be described as a nonphysical life force. Everything is made up of energy.  Feng Shui focuses upon the flow of Chi providing insight into its movement as well as our connection to and relationship with that movement. While the study and application may vary by tradition, there is a common underlying theme; working with, and aligning to Chi, provides many benefits.  Contemporary Western Feng Shui focuses primarily on creating and enhancing beneficial, supportive and auspicious environments. People are often seeking happy, healthy and prosperous lives.

The Art of Feng Shui in the Home

You home knows and feels like we do. When our energy is drained we feel either uplifted or let down. Do our homes uplift us by reflecting our personal growth and aspirations? Conversely, are they mirroring an image that is keeping us, and the Chi, stagnant?   Whether we are aware of it (or not), we have a rather intimate relationship with this invisible cohabitant.

The ‘Art of Placement’

Feng Shui places particular importance upon the placement of items.  The intention behind this placement is key in aligning with the desired movement of the Chi as well as is its symbolic meaning.  Symbols have the effect of cutting through various thought and belief systems providing a link to a deeper message. For instance, a light in a dark place can represent clarity…while a plant may provide a message of aliveness.  Likewise, fresh artwork inspired with the colors of spring can reflect new beginnings and growth, and the placement, with intention of an intimate sculpture or curios item, can invite the essence of love, intimacy, and romance.  The personal connection with these symbols and messages can have the effect of softening resistance and encouraging receptivity. The intention is for allowing for an improved state of being.


Similar to tuning vibrations in a piano, a Feng Shui practitioner assists in tuning a home and/or an office.  A home shaped to encourage good Chi possess the sense of positive flow to greet and nurture us. We can tap into the beauty and power of this transformative energy through Feng Shui.

So, whether you are hoping to implement a few feng shui techniques to improve the flow of your Kelowna real estate, or thinking about hiring a feng shui consultant to give your home a complete energy makeover, learning more about this ancient art is sure to enhance your life at home. And, if you’re up for some more home improvement projects this summer, you can always read our latest blog, ‘Home Improvement: 4 Projects to Add Value to Kelowna Real Estate‘.

Blog by: Peggy Morrison
Kelowna Realtor® & Feng Shui Enthusiast



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