The Big Bar Affect: Luxury Real Estate & The Lounge

When you’re in these luxury real estate bars, you might just forget you’re in someone’s home.


Your home is your castle, and for many luxury real estate homeowners, it’s also the local sports pub or hotel lounge. With scads of day and weekend guests who’ve discovered your Kelowna address and a trend towards the convenience and privacy of entertaining at home, home bars are going big. Where they were once tucked into a nook of the basement, many luxury homeowners are replicating their favourite bars—in size and style. 

Here are our tips for creating the lounge/man-cave/pub of your dreams right at home: 

Do: Add Multiple Big-Screen TV’s

Family Room, Home Theater and Bar

It’s safe to say that when you or your mister has the guys over, this is where they’ll watch the game. Multiple smaller flat-screens near the liquor shelves are great for guests perched on bar stools (but don’t place them too high or everyone will have sore necks!). One larger flat-screen on an opposing wall are perfect for those playing billiards or seated on sofas during a five-hour NFL marathon.

Do: Make Use of Your View

Pfuner Design, Oceanfront Penthouse

Who says bars should be relegated to the lower level? If you’ve got a stunning view of the lake or city, an opulent bar on the main level is the perfect place to ensure you and your guests get to take in that view, and linger in that holiday-hotel feel.

Do: Go for a Long Bar with Plenty of Seating

Luxury Bar

It’s human nature in the 21st century to congregate at the bar. Something in us just wants to pull up that stool, lean on our shoulders, sip, and gab. Make your bar stand out and ensure home entertaining is easy by creating a plus-size bar with more than enough stools featuring comfortable fabrics. We’ve seen a number of luxury real estate bars featuring granite countertops because they tend to make for easy maintenance as the night goes on!

Do: Add Billiards

Ashburn Contemporary Basement - Pool Area & Bar

Even the most die-hard sports fans sometimes struggle to sit in a chair for three, four or five hours straight. And watching athletes competing often inspires our inner competitor. The solution? Billiards. Custom pool tables and dart boards are a welcome addition in any bar. Don’t forget the poker table! 

Do: Take the Bar Outside

Beach House at The Strand, Dana Point, CA

Here in the Okanagan, the outdoor living season is at least seven months long. Extend the bar in your lower level walk-out to your patio, and give your guests another eye-catching and comfortable place to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

We love how these homeowners, like many Kelowna luxury real estate homeowners, have replicated a Mediterranean-resort feel in the design, and let the neutral materials become secondary to a stunning landscape. And, of course, the two TV’s to keep up with the scores!

Now that you’ve got the bar covered, go all out in the men’s and ladies rooms with inspiration from our post 5 Luxury Real Estate Bathroom Trends We Love.


Or would you rather simply find the home of your dreams with a gorgeous bar and bathrooms already there to use? Set yourself up for success with the Quincy Vrecko listings and Kelowna’s luxury Realtor®, Quincy Vrecko. Call 250-863-8810.