When considering your next real estate transaction, you should first call upon an experienced Kelowna Realtor.  

An experienced Kelowna Realtor will look after your best interests.  Guide you through the complex home buying process.  Every real estate transaction needs the expert knowledge of a professional real estate agent, not just a friend.  Choosing an experienced Kelowna Realtor, you should take into consideration the following things:

299 tucker court quincy vrecko kelowna real estateYears of experience:  Not every experienced Kelowna Realtor actually has experience in a sales transaction.  Although it is important for an agent to know how to write a contract of purchase and sale, does that agent know how the sales transaction works?  Look for an agent that has experience in sales and negotiation. It is not important that they know it all but it is important to know what questions to ask.  

Access to information: This goes hand in hand with knowing what questions to ask.  Every experienced Kelowna Realtor has access to the same information, but the question is, do they know where to find it or access it.  Look for an agent who has access to a strong team of professional real estate agents that share information and knowledge to every client is protected.  

Kelowna real estate handshake Quincy Vrecko and AssoicatesSupport systems:  A strong team is a great support system.  A team of experienced Kelowna Realtor is the best support system you can find.  You are getting the full benefit of the experience of multiple agents when you work with one of the team members.  Look for a team with diverse experience and strong roots in the community.

The team at Vrecko Real Estate Group understand there are many choices out there for buying and selling homes in the Okanagan.  The team takes pride in the level of service they offer their clients and are confident in their experience. They are proud of the testimonials from clients who have used their services.  

Whether you are looking are looking for a condo or townhouse, single family home, investment property, waterfront house or luxury property, the team at Vrecko Real Estate Group have you covered.  With a wide range of experience, when you hire one of our agents, you get the expertise of the entire team. Giving you the best of an experienced Kelowna Realtor.