Kelowna Real Estate Marketing – Print vs. Digital

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Like many other industries Kelowna real estate marketing campaigns have evolved from window signs and newspaper advertising to dynamic digital marketing strategies across multiple platforms. This transformation is necessary now that most consumer activity takes place online. There are many advantages to online marketing.

Target Markets

kelowna real estate marketingA recent poll found that 100% of active home buyers used digital media when searching for a home. In contrast only 28% used traditional print media in the Kelowna home search.

While print media is constrained to a specific readership, Kelowna real estate agents have numerous tools at their disposal to ensure digital campaigns reach the target audience. Digital advertising is targeted by location, age, income, interests and many other demographics. These criteria ensure that Kelowna real estate advertising is more likely to be viewed active buyers.

Monitored and Modified

Digital campaigns allow you to experiment and constantly adjust audiences and other features of the campaign based on how people are responding to it. Online Kelowna real estate ads are monitored for reach, impression, and actions. This real time information allows advertising to be modified and improved with immediate effect. Print advertising does not allow for this flexibility.

virtual reality in kelowna real estate Multi-Media

Digital campaigns use videos and virtual tours as well as photography, allowing you greater creativity and versatility. A print campaign is limited to just photography and graphic design. Kelowna real estate marketing that uses a variety of media engages potential buyers and provides a well-rounded representation of what your home offers.


Home owners looking to sell their property in the Kelowna real estate market should look for agents that are savvy about digital marketing. The team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates advertise homes for sale across multiple digital platforms. A personalized and dynamic marketing plan is created for each home and all forms of media used including virtual reality.

If you’re considering selling your Kelowna home your first call should be to Quincy Vrecko and Associates to arrange for your free market evaluation. Reach us at 778-760-2860 today.