Almost exactly 130 years ago, a settler by the name of Frederick Brent rode up to the arid hills of the Okanagan Valley and staked his claim near Mill Creek in an area he and the other settlers would call ‘Dry Valley.’  Today, we call it Glenmore, one of the most-loved neighborhoods in Kelowna real estate.

What’s to love? Let’s explore what drew settlers here, and why so many families choose to live in Glenmore now.

Big beginnings

Photo Courtesy of Glenmore Ellison Improvement District

With only about 12 inches of rain, homesteaders discovered the Glenmore valley was best used for cattle ranching and logging. By 1905, powerful development corporations saw another purpose for the Mill Creek area: growing fruit. The Mission and East Kelowna are other areas where this was true. Fortunately, there were also dozens of wealthy eastern Canadians only too happy to buy an orchard-sized parcel with the belief that money grew on trees in the Okanagan.  Advertisements at the time promised “good roads, good people, good schools, telephone, electric light, and daily mail” (Source: Glenmore Ellison Improvement District). All still true today, and then some.

Over the years, as irrigation ventures went forth, fruit blossomed and families grew. Glenmore became the beloved Kelowna real estate district it is today. Find undulating hills, traces of orchards, thickets of trees and beautiful Kelowna properties featuring homes that compliment the valley landscape. 

Where exactly is Glenmore?

The Glenmore Valley Community Association has a great breakdown of the boundaries for this lovely neighborhood.

North: McKinley Road west to Glenmore Road

South: Corner of Gordon Drive & Bernard Avenue; east on Bernard Avenue to Spall Road

East: Corner of Bernard Avenue & Spall Road to Summit Drive, along the base of Dilworth Mountain to Rifle Road/Longhill Road intersection, then to Mail Road/Reynolds Road intersection to the west of University Way and west of Quail Ridge neighborhood.

West: Intersection of Glenmore Road & McKinley Road, south along Glenmore Highlands Ridge (including Wilden Estates) to intersection of Clifton Road & Cara Glen Way, southeast of Magic Estates and Knox Mtn. to the west end of Royal Pine Drive & Royal View Court, along Royal View Court to Mt Royal Drive, down the embankment to Gordon Drive, then south to Bernard Avenue.

What are some of the features and amenities Glenmore residents love most?

1. Great schools: Bankhead Elementary, Dr. Knox Middle School, Glenmore Elementary, North Glenmore Elementary, Watson Road Elementary.

UBC-Okanagan isn’t technically within Glenmore boundaries. Given its incredibly close proximity, it would only take you a few minutes (on foot or by car) to get there. 

2.  Great golf. Two of the valley’s most renowned courses fall within Glenmore district’s boundaries: The Quail Course at Okanagan Golf Club, and the Kelowna Golf and Country Club.

3. Attractions. If you love to hike, bike or walk, you won’t have to go far. The treasured Knox Mountain Park, which rewards you with stunning views from the peak, and Brandt’s Creek Linear Pathway are both found within Glenmore.

If you love to travel, you’ll love being just minutes away from the Kelowna International Airport. Thanks to development in the area around the airport, Glenmore is now also home to some fantastic restaurants, hotels, and stores. 

What kind of properties will you find in Glenmore?



Glenmore offers city amenities closeby surrounded by beautiful countryside landscape and a range of properties to choose from. This includes condos coveted by students, family homes, hobby farms, and luxury estates. If you’re looking for a Kelowna home in these categories certainly put Glenmore at the top of your list.  


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