6 Handy Real Estate Apps

More and more Kelowna real estate owners are discovering just how useful apps can be for life at home.


Apps for smart devices have found a way into every aspect of our lives. These clever inventions have become integrated with everything we do. Apps allow you to check the local weather forecast, order pizza, or find the nearest gas station. For Kelowna real estate owners who are looking for latest in homeowner innovation, here is a list of apps you might find handy.


Real Estate Apps1.    ColorSmart by Behr Mobile  (Apple, Android)

Whether you’re moving into a new home and want to redecorate, or it’s simply time to freshen up your existing home, this handy app will help you find the perfect colour, discover new designer-coordinated colour combinations, and preview your colour choices in room scenes and on exteriors. You can even take a picture with your smartphone then tap on the image to find the closest matching Behr colour. With more than 2,500 to choose from you’re likely to find a close match.



Real Estate Apps2.    Houzz Interior Design Ideas  (Apple, Android)

Called the “Wikipedia of interior and exterior design” by CNN, this stunning app features more than 5 million high-resolution photos that’ll get your creative design juices flowing. Search for ideas by style, room and location and store them in your personal ideabook.



Real Estate Apps3.    Dual Level  (Apple, Android)

If you have a fine art collection, this clever app will help you make sure it’s hung perfectly level. Best of all, you can easily manage it with one hand—as opposed to some of the more cumbersome construction levels—and you’ll likely have your leveling done in the time it takes you to walk to the workshop and back.



Real Estate Apps4.    BrightNest  (Apple, Android)

From home organization to cleaning schedules to maintenance tips, this useful app does it all. Whether you perform the household chores yourself or hire someone to help, this tool will help you make sure you keep your home in great shape.



Real Estate Apps5.    AroundMe  (Apple, Android, Blackberry)

Especially useful for newer Kelowna real estate owners, or established homeowners who want to break up their routine, this helpful app helps you locate the nearest bars, restaurants, coffee shops, banks, hospitals, movie theatres, pharmacies, grocery stores and gas stations.

If you’re new to the area, be sure to read the Quincy Vrecko & Associates Kelowna Relocation Guide.



Real Estate Apps6.    Sum+it Billing Buddy for Easy Estimates  (Apple)

If you’ve got a home renovation project in mind, this app will help you calculate how much it’ll cost. Simply create a project and enter the cost of labour, materials and other expenses—there’s even a feature to include taxes—to come up with a budget. Even if you’re not doing the work yourself, you can use this tool to compare quotes from contractors to see if they’re overcharging.


Ensuring the best quality of life at home starts with choosing the right Kelowna real estate. At Quincy Vrecko & Associates, we take the time to match your lifestyle needs and budget to find your ideal home.