More and more Okanagan summer residents are turning to Kelowna storage container rentals to secure and protect items such as ATVs and motorcycles while they’re away.


At Quincy Vrecko & Associates, we see more and more summer residents taking advantage of the bountiful outdoors opportunities here in the Okanagan. Whether it’s boating on the lake or camping in regional parks, they’re taking full advantage of what the region has to offer. To help them make the most of their limited time, we’ve invited the Space Centre Storage to write a guest post showing the benefits of a Kelowna storage container.


For those who can’t live in the Okanagan full-time, owning a summer home is an enviable alternative. Kelowna home owners come from Alberta and beyond. When it comes time to make the trek from your primary residence you want to start enjoying your time here. Here’s how a Kelowna storage container rental can help you with that:

Container Rentals

Container Rentals

Easy Access to Safe Storage

Depending on the size of the home, you may not have adequate storage. Things like outdoor furniture, barbecues, and bikes take up valuable storage space. A storage container can easily accommodate all of these things, consequently keeping them protected from the elements while you’re away.


Toys, Toys, Toys

To truly enjoy the Okanagan lifestyle, you’re going to need some toys. Renting a storage container is the ideal storage solution for motorcycles, ATVs, gators, and any tools. Thieves target these kinds of machines. Consequently, by locking them away from prying eyes, you’re less likely to show up and find they’ve been stolen.


Your Place or Ours?

The Space Centre Storage company is happy to leave them at your place or to store them at the centre. Storing containers at our temperature-controlled facility adds an extra element of security as our premises is continually monitored. We can always arrange to have it dropped off to coincide with your arrival.


If you have a boat at your summer home and looking for storage options, read our 5 Tips to Find the Best Boat Storage in Kelowna.


About Space Centre Self Storage
Looking for a convenient way to stow your summer home belongings? Visit our Space Centre Storage website to learn about the benefits of a Kelowna storage container rental. We also offer both indoor and outdoor storage for boats, RVs and other vehicles, so all of your toys will be ready to go when you arrive at your summer home.

People come to the Okanagan Valley on holiday, and often find themselves wanting to stay a lot longer. If you’re at a point where a few week’s holiday in summer just isn’t enough, come talk to the Kelowna real estate experts at Quincy Vrecko & Associates. We’ll match your lifestyle preferences with one of the many desirable neighbourhoods throughout the city. We will find the home that’s just right for you.

Consequently, by locking them away from prying eyes, you’re less likely to show up and find they’ve been stolen.