Ask a Kelowna Realtor: 5 Hiking Trails Near the City

5 Easily Accessible Hiking Trails Near the City

Enjoy stunning scenery, such as this cityscape from Knox Mountain, as you venture out on nearby hiking trails highly recommended by our Kelowna realtors.

One of the advantages of living in the Interior’s largest city is the access to all the modern conveniences—dining, shopping, theatre, museums, nightlife and cultural and sporting events. Yet, when your Kelowna realtor shows you around the city’s various neighbourhoods, you might be surprised at just how many hiking and walking pathways you have at your fingertips.

While the region’s lakes, wineries and orchards get all of the fanfare from tourists, there are many trail networks dotted throughout the city just waiting to be explored.

Here are some of the more popular choices, all within a few minute’s drive from the city centre:


Brandt’s Creek Linear Park

Difficulty level: Easy
Distance: 5 km (one way)
Dogs: Not allowed

Featuring a crushed asphalt hiking trails. The Brandt’s Creek Linear Park takes you through residential and commercial areas, connecting six different parks as well as the Valley Glen Wetland. The trail begins at the intersection of Yates and Valley Roads, ending at Milard Glen Park.


Dilworth Mountain

Difficulty level: Easy
Distance: 1-3 km
Dogs: On-leash

Dilworth Mountain is worth a visit just for the unparalleled city views it offers. Tucked in behind the Kelowna Golf & Country Club, this landmark can be seen from almost any location in the city. Access to this park is off Chilcotin Court, and there is a parking lot available.


Knox Mountain

Difficulty: Moderate to difficult
Distance: 1–5 km
Dogs: On-leash

Most hiking trails in the network feature steep inclines. Though you’ll be rewarded with some amazing views of the city. Alternatively, you can take an easier route towards an historic point of interest—Paul’s Tomb—named after an Okanagan pioneer. The park entrance on Ellis Street offers the best access to the trail network.


Mill Creek Regional Park

Difficulty: Easy
Distance: Varies
Dogs: On-leash

Situated just east of Kelowna International Airport in the Ellison area, this 15.3-hectare park offers a cool, quiet hiking trail system along the Mill Creek corridor, culminating in a charming waterfall. The black cottonwood trees by the creek offer an ideal picnic setting.


Mission Creek Regional Park and Greenway

Difficulty: Moderate to difficult
Distance: 17 km (various)
Dogs: On-leash

With ample parking and easy access off Springfield Road, this green space is a haven for cyclists, runners and walkers alike.

There are two phases of the trail, the first phase being a wide, flat pathway for the first 7km. The trail becomes narrow as it travels along a canyon for the final 9km.


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