When adding your home to the list of Kelowna houses for sale, follow these tips to discover the magic of Tidying-Up.


After spending the day tidying up and organizing your home, there’s something absolutely therapeutic about putting your feet up and admiring the results. It’s almost magic. And it’s also the perfect way to set apart the best homes from the rest when digging through the many Kelowna houses for sale on the market. A clean and clutter-free home stands out and intrigues potential buyers.

If you’re looking for ways to bring the tidy trend into your home, we can help.

1. Set a Goal

Write it down. You can even draw a picture—just make sure you set your organizational goals in stone and make them happen. Close your eyes and picture your home the way you want it to look. If you can visualize a tidy and organized home, you’re a lot more likely to follow through with it.

2. Categorize and Conquer

Because clutter can occur anywhere and contain items from all over the house, it’s best to sort by type rather than by room. For example, maybe you have more than one linen closet. It would be best to tackle all the linen at once instead of organizing each closet one at a time.

3. No More Storage

A lot of people think that organizing involves complex storage solutions and units. It doesn’t. Once you’ve gone through your possessions category by category, you might find that you decide to purge more items than you originally thought you would. 

Alternatively, you may find that by sorting and tidying each type of item, you’re able to combine them into one location—a single bench, cupboard, bin or drawer. This will free up other locations for more storage. Some modern Kelowna properties don’t have heaps of additional storage space, but they still feel light, airy and orderly because everything is so well organized. 

4. Get it Done

One of the tricks to finishing the tasks you originally set out to do is to complete it all within a reasonable period of time. Allot a reasonable amount of time to get through the entire house, and then finish it within that timeframe. If you don’t accomplish this goal, you might risk retreating back into the old clutter-accumulating habits you once had. If you need a little extra push, take a look at some of the other Kelowna houses for sale on the market that you appreciate.  

5. Admire the Effect

Once you’ve got your home tidied up and organized, take a few days to tour and inspect each room. Do you love the way the remaining items look? Do they make you smile? Is there a secret joke or a special meaning behind some of the visible items? If you answer no to these questions, pitch them. Once you can eye up everything in your home and absolutely love it, you can sit back and enjoy the magic that you’ve created.

Now that you’ve got everything just the way you like it, why not incorporate a little Feng Shui into your tidy and newly organized home? Have a look at our previous post for inspiration: Feng Shui 101 – Kelowna Realtor Explains the Ancient Philosophy.


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