modern Kelowna living room with blue accents

The weekend is approaching quickly! Are you looking for something to do this weekend? Why not give your Kelowna living room a facelift. Try out one or all of these great living room DIY projects this weekend.

Style your bookshelf

modern living room with neutral tones

Style your bookshelf in your Kelowna living room

Do you have a bookshelf that is just in your Kelowna living room collecting dust? Another great weekend DIY for your Kelowna living room is to style your bookshelf! Adding things such as decorative objects or a pop of colour is sure to add that extra pop to your living room!

Reupholster an old chair or couch

Do you have an old chair or couch in your Kelowna living room that needs some updating? Quick weekend DIY that you can do to give it a refreshing look is to reuphoster it! If it is an old chair, try adding a fun print to add a pop of colour and print to your Kelowna living room!


collage wall on wall behind grey couch in living room

Collage wall behind living room couch

Add a collage wall

Is there a wall in your Kelowna living room that is lacking something special? A great way to liven it up is to add a collage wall. Take photos of your family and add some decorative objects such as a big letter of your last name and hang it all on the wall that is lacking something special! The key to a great collage wall is to have the objects and pictures not lined up but scattered around!

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