small patio table with pumpkins, leaves and a rake

You have done it! Your Kelowna home is for sale!

Now here comes the hard part, you want to prepare your home and yard for the fall but are unsure of how to do it without making your home look bare! While your Kelowna homes for sale, you want to ensure it is in the best shape to set up a sale but you also want to ensure your home is prepared for the upcoming season!

Keep your Kelowna yard clean from leaves

lady raking up leaves for her Kelowna homes for sale

Keep your yard free of leaves

A hard task to keep up with but something very important! The fall season brings beautiful colourful leaves but the leaves fall onto your beautiful yard. Make sure your Kelowna home is in tip top shape by keeping your yard free of leaves. If you can’t keep up with your leaves everyday, we recommend keeping at least your front yard clean and free of leaves. A lot of potential buyers will do a drive by of your home before contacting their Kelowna realtor for a showing.

Keep up to date on your home maintenance

Just because your Kelowna homes for sale does not mean you should stop on your home maintenance for the idea you think your home will sell quickly! Your Kelowna home could take some time to sell or it could sell quick and have a longer possession. You do not want to delay on necessary maintenance to keep your home in its best shape. Ensure you get your furnace checked and filters changed before the cool weather comes quickly!

diffuser on a end table with lamp beside

Keep your Kelowna home smelling fresh

Keep your Kelowna home smelling fresh

In the summer time, we tend to keep our doors and windows open and allow in the summer breeze. In the fall, it tends to be a bit cooler and we close all of our doors and windows. The team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates, recommend letting in some fresh air before your showing. If weather allows, open up some windows to allow a cross breeze and freshen up your home!  If weather doesn’t allow for you to open your windows to freshen up your home, a simple diffuser shall do the trick!

With fall just around the corner it is time to ensure your Kelowna homes for sale is in its best shape! Keep up with your regular home maintenance and read our Livingroom DIY article , freshen up your home with the cool fall breeze and keep your yard in tip top shape! For more information on how you can prepare your Kelowna homes for sale contact the team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates. Our team of professional Kelowna real estate agents want to ensure your Kelowna home is in the best condition it can be to prepare for your sale! Call 1-778-760-2860!