Add Colour to your Kelowna Bedroom

neutral bedroom with green accents

Is your Kelowna bedroom lacking a pop of colour? Are you struggling to make updates to your Kelowna Bedroom? The team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates are here to help! If you are looking to add a bit of colour to your Kelowna bedroom, you’ve come to the right place!

Add an Accent Wall to your Kelowna Bedroom

purple accent wall in Kelowna bedroom

Add an accent wall behind your bed

One way you can add that pop of colour to your Kelowna bedrooms is by adding an accent wall. The best spot to add an accent wall to your bedroom is behind your bed. For a more subtle pop of colour try one solid colour. For you daring couples out there, try adding a unique print!


Add colourful decorative objects

Another idea on how to add colour to your Kelowna bedroom is by adding colourful decorative objects! If you love the neutral colour look to your bedroom, adding some soft pastels can really transform a room! Right now, pastels and greenery are the new thing. They don’t require you to switch out your existing neutral decor as the greenery and soft pastels are an easy addition to any neutral bedroom!

neutral bedroom with a pop of bright pink accents

Switch out your bedding to add that pop of colour

Switch out your bedding

If you want to experiment with colours but are unsure of what colour you want, switch out your bedding for an easy and temporary fix! There are plenty of different, inexpensive bedding options you can try. This goes for seasonal as well. If you are looking to switch out your bedroom decor for the season, switching out your bedding is an inexpensive way that can be your best option!

If you are looking for different ways to spruce up your bedroom decor, contact the team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates! Our team of professional real estate agents want to ensure your home is in its best shape in order to tee up the right sale! Call one of our knowledgeable associates today 1-778-760-2860!