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When you list your Luxury home for sale, you want it to attract the most amount of home buyers. With that being said, the question is, what are the luxury home buyers looking for in luxury real estate in Kelowna? Trends in home design and technology change frequently. The trick is knowing what is coming and going. What are the top three trends in luxury real estate in 2018? What are the luxury home buyers looking for?

Home Automation & Smart Home Systems

smart home automation system

Home Automation & Smart Home Systems

Convenience is key when purchasing luxury real estate. Home automation and smart home systems are a must when purchasing Kelowna luxury real estate. There are plenty of home automation and smart home systems on the market, which one is right for your luxury real estate? Our team can help you decide which home system is perfect for your Kelowna luxury real estate. We featured our three favorite on a recent blog. Check out our blog here.

Outdoor Oasis

In Kelowna, we are in no shortage of beautiful hot weather in the summer months. With warm weather, comes the urge to be outside for every waking hour. Kelowna luxury buyers are looking for their outdoor oasis when looking to purchase a new home. Saltwater pools, outdoor kitchens and living space all paired with an amazing view of Kelowna. What more could you ask for?

luxury home gym with top of the line equipment

Luxury home gyms

Luxury Home Gyms

Lastly, home gyms! Luxury home gyms are growing in popularity. What a convenience having a gym in your Kelowna home! With luxury home gyms growing in popularity, it’s important you invest in the latest and greatest workout equipment for your new space, along with other things to reward a hard workout. Check out our recent blog on the three things you should add to your luxury home gym. These will make your luxury home stand out!! Check out our blog here.

If you are looking to purchase Kelowna luxury real estate, contact Quincy Vrecko of Quincy Vrecko and Associates. Quincy has over 28 years of luxury sales and can help you with your next home purchase. Years of real estate experience paired with his strong negotiating skills, Quincy is the luxury real estate agent you want on your side. Call Quincy today! 1-250-863-8810!