Must Haves for Luxury Home Gyms


Luxury home gyms are growing in popularity.  Along with the latest and greatest in workout equipment, there are some luxury items to add to the list. After a hard workout, you need to spoil yourself.

sauna in luxury home gym

Add a sauna to your luxury home gym

Top Kelowna personal trainer, Leigh Carter, has recommended these top 3 must-haves for the ultimate Luxury home gyms:

1. Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas use infrared heaters to create even heat that is absorbed by the skin.  The heat penetrates deep into the tissue dissolving toxins and activating sweat glands to increase metabolism.  There are a wide range of health benefits including detoxification, relaxation, weight loss, anti-aging, improved circulation, and pain relief.  These units range in size and start at $2500 for the smaller models.  The warmth of the sauna is the best way to end a workout and soothe tired muscles.

2. Massage Chairs

The day after a workout can be grueling with sore and tired muscles, so the addition of a massage chair is a must in your luxury home gym.  Chairs can range in price starting at $2500 for a basic model to $8000 for a higher-end model offering more options and settings.  The most effective chairs are models that offer a Shiatsu or Swedish massage. The higher-end models have heat settings, vibration, and sound making your massage enjoyable and relaxing.  Add in a flat-screen TV to create your own luxury home gym lounge.

3. Beverage centre:

assortment of glasses filled with smoothies and juices

Rehydrate after your workout at your beverage station

Forget the old-fashioned water cooler, every Luxury home gym needs a proper beverage center.  Stocked with fresh produce you can create protein smoothies and fresh pressed juice to give you the vitamins and energy you need to enhance your workout.  To complete your beverage center, you need an ice box, a small refrigerator, have filtered water on hand as rehydration is key for your muscles to recover after a hard workout.

These luxury additions to your luxury home gym will complete your workout and help you look forward to your next one. Choose the ones that are right for you and take the time to use them.  Reward yourself for the time you set aside for your workout and enjoy the relaxation it brings.

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