two dogs sitting on the grass in backyard

Selling your Kelowna home can be stressful, add the fact you have pets and that calls for a nice glass of Okanagan wine on the patio! If you are looking to sell your Kelowna home and have a pet, check out our three selling tips for you! We have come up with a few ideas to help you out during this stressful time.

Have a game plan

family sitting with dogs in Kelowna home

Start by having a game plan

If you have an animal who can be easily removed from your Kelowna home during the showings, this is your best option. Take the dog for a walk or just simply bring your cat with you if you can! If you don’t have anyone to take care of your animals while you have showings, check into options for a close family friend or neighbour to walk the dog while the showing is happening. The less stress for the animals the better. You don’t want your dog jumping on the potential new home owners!

Ensure your Kelowna realtor is aware of your pet

If you have a pet, ensure your Kelowna realtor is aware! Your Kelowna realtor can make sure to let the realtor coming in that there will be an animal in the home. They can let them know that there is a friendly kitten in the home that can not be let out. This can ease your mind if you cannot take your pets with you every time there is a showing! The simplest of things can help when you are selling your Kelowna home!

puppy running in backyard of Kelowna home

Ensure you clean up before your showings

Clean up before showings

Before a showing happens, make sure you clean up after your pet. That could mean, going to the backyard and cleaning up after your dog, cleaning up the water on the floor by their food bowls or cleaning out the litter box! Whatever it means for your animal, it’s smart to keep things clean and smelling fresh. A bad odour can turn a good showing into a negative one pretty quick!

As a Kelowna home owner, we understand it can be stressful to sell your home. Let us take that stress away and help you sell your Kelowna home! Our team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates are dedicated to helping you sell your home for the best price in the lowest amount of time. We are a team of knowledgeable realtors who have years of experience buying and selling Kelowna homes. Call us today for your free market evaluation 1-778-760-2860!