beautifully decorated Dilworth home

Decorating your Dilworth home can be difficult. It can be challenging to try and find the perfect theme for your Kelowna home that won’t break the bank. If you do not have that eye for interior design, walking into a home decor store and trying to piece together the perfect home can be hard. If you are looking to add to your Dilworth home but don’t want to break the bank doing it, check out these three tips on how to decorate your home on a budget.

Bold and Moody

bold and moody living room with dark accent furniture

Add bold and moody decor pieces

Start off with bold and moody pieces! The nice thing about bold and moody furniture is you do not need a lot to really transform a space. There are so many simple ways to add bold and moody pieces that won’t break the bank! A few of our favourite ways are adding a collage wall behind your couch in your living room or adding dark accent pieces such as as a charcoal gray blanket or a black poof to rest your feet by the couch! The trick with bold and moody colours is to not add too much so it takes over your space! Simple, easy and very few pieces will transform your Dilworth home!

Mismatched furniture

Now this one can be tricky, you have to make sure you do this correctly to ensure that things look they are supposed to be mismatched! Our advice is to ask a professional Kelowna home stager if you are unsure. A very unique and easy way to add furniture to your home without purchase a whole new set is adding mismatched pieces. A few good examples are adding different chairs to your kitchen table to help save money, or accent chairs to your living space. Done correctly, this can really help your wallet but also make your Kelowna Dilworth home look perfectly decorated!

metallic pieces in a kitchen in Kelowna home

Give metallic decor a try!

Metallic Pieces

Metallic pieces are a trendy decor item right now. This has been a decor trend for quite some time but recently has become very popular! A few great ways to add metallic pieces are in your kitchen, like shown on the photo here! Another popular way to add metallic decor is in your family room. There are so many great large metallic clocks, and small decor pieces to add to your mantel!

If you are looking to properly decorate your Kelowna Dilworth home, contact our team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates! We work with some of the top Kelowna home interior designers who we highly recommend to work on your Kelowna home! Properly staging your Kelowna home could increase the price buyers are willing to pay. Check out our previous blog on the importance of staging your Kelowna home then give us a call to get in contact with a great Kelowna home stager. Call 1-778-760-2860 today!