Quincy & Tracey Vrecko | Move from Calgary to Kelowna

Tracey and Quincy: Making the move from Calgary to Kelowna


Quincy and Tracey Vrecko have lived in Kelowna for over 10 years and are proud to call Kelowna home.  Originally from separate parts of Canada, they lived together in Calgary for 12 years before deciding on making the move from Calgary to Kelowna.  Together with a toddler in tow and another baby on the way, they established roots in the Okanagan and never looked back. 

We talk to Tracey and Quincy Vrecko to find out what brought them to Kelowna and why they love calling the Okanagan home with their 2 boys Gabriel and Paxton.  

Why did you make the move from Calgary to Kelowna?

Tracey- Quincy and I were expecting our second child and we were looking for a better balance in our work/home life.  Calgary is a great city but our needs for our family changed.  I had never been to Kelowna but my uncle Mike who lived here over 65 years always raved it was the best place in Canada to live.  Old uncle Mike was right!

Quincy- I was working for a car dealership at the time and an opportunity came up to transfer to either Kelowna or Victoria.  I grew up on the island and always loved it there but I was intrigued by the Okanagan lifestyle.  I was sold on making the move from Calgary to Kelowna once I saw what it had to offer our family.  

What do you love about Kelowna?

Tracey-Now this is something Quincy and I can agree on!  There are so many things we love about Kelowna.  After we made the move from Calgary to Kelowna, our focus was for more quality family time.  Kelowna offers a great lifestyle where we can be out with our boys 365 days a year.  There is a sense of community in Kelowna that you don’t have in big cities.  We have made great friends, created a home for our family and we love the life we have here. 

What are your favorite things to do in Kelowna?

Quincy-We love to be outdoors. Our family are avid skiers and snowboarders and we love to get out snowmobiling in the backcountry.  In the summer we are out on the boat or swimming in the pool.  

Tracey- I love to discover new hikes with my friends.  We love the mountains and the lake and try to get out there as much as possible. 

What do you miss about your hometown?

Tracey- That would depend if we were talking about Winnipeg or Calgary.  If we are talking about Winnipeg, it would be my family.  I grew up in Winnipeg and most of my family still lives there.  My parents are in the same home I grew up in so when I go back to visit, it’s nostalgic.  Calgary was a fun city.  It’s where Quincy and I met and started our family.  I miss walking along the bow river and our weekends in Banff.  Great memories!

Quincy-Yes Calgary was fun.  I miss camping in the Rockies.  Tracey and I would tent every weekend in the summer and ski/snowboard in the winter.  Our 12 years in Calgary were great but when we arrived in Kelowna, I never looked back.  


No Regrets

Our move from Calgary to Kelowna also brought me closer to the Island where I grew up.  I missed the ocean and now I have an opportunity to visit the island more often. 

We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful area of Canada.  The Okanagan has so much to offer our family and we look forward to our long future here.  Give us a call to talk about making the move!