Let’s be honest, we are all worried and confused about whats going on in this world as COVID 19 makes its way around the globe. Trying to find ways to keep busy (and sane) but we often forget that if we lean on one another we can help each other get through this in a much more positive way. During these challenging and chaotic times, we really need to support each other and our community. But with so much uncertainty is difficult to find ways to give back and support one another. If you are looking for ways to spend your time and help our Kelowna community we have put together a few ideas that may help.

Support our local businesses


We all know this pandemic is likely to cause an economic impact. How big an impact? We aren’t quite sure yet, but one thing we do know is that small businesses are going to be hit the hardest. As non-essential businesses are forced to close or switch to take out and delivery. These amazing businesses that are truly part of what makes our community so great are struggling to meet ends meet. This is where our Kelowna community can step in and support. By going to our local grocery or ordering delivery from our favorite restaurant we are doing our part to keep these businesses afloat. Local markets are a great place to shop right now as they are smaller and generally have less traffic. Making them safer and quicker since you won’t have to wait in lines. When you shop at a local market you are not only supporting that market but all of the local vendors as well.

 If shopping local isn’t something you are wanting to do another way you can help is by leaving a review on your local businesses google page. When this pandemic passes and things go back to normal, google reviews are how many people source out the best restaurants, groceries, bars, etc. Adding a good review can help these businesses tremendously and you don’t have to spend a dime!  

Help the Vulnerable People in Our Community

Local Market

There are people in our Kelowna community that need our help, There are many ways to help the vulnerable people in our community. A great way to lend a hand is to buy groceries for those who are self-isolating or are more vulnerable in our community. Grocery shopping is a huge stress for people that are at risk. By grabbing some extra groceries while you are at the grocery store you are not only helping the vulnerable people in our Kelowna community, but you are also mitigating the amount of traffic that goes in and out of these stores. Facebook groups are a great way to find who needs help and connect with those that can support the vulnerable people of our Kelowna community.

For some of us, our weekly trip to the market is what we look forward to. Finally, we get to leave the house! But others aren’t that lucky. The people of our Kelowna community that have to stay isolated, do not get a break from the loneliness that comes with the pandemic. Another way you can help is to pick up your phone and call a loved one that has been in isolation and just talk, let them know that they are not alone. It’s also important to remember that not everyone has a family or a loved one and small gestures from neighbors go a long way. 

REMAX HeartsBe Kind

At times this pandemic has felt anxiety-inducing and overwhelming making it hard to stay positive and see the good in others. Being kind is one of the only things we can control right now and it makes a great difference. Most essential workers are exhausted trying to keep up with demand and new regulations, grocery stores and hospitals are two of the many essential services that are working hard to make sure our community is supported.  A great way that we can help during this chaos is by showing compassion, patience, and kindness. We have seen kindness and support come alive in many ways this last month whether it be people reach out to help our high-risk individuals or putting hearts in your windows for the dedicated healthcare workers. This pandemic has shown how we can come together as a Kelowna community and support each other. Being kind and mindful of the people in our Kelowna community can go a long way and is a reminder that we are in this together.

“Kindness, empathy, gratitude is also contagious, more contagious than the corona,” said Dr. Carrington on CTV Morning Live Edmonton

No matter how big or small any help makes a difference and there are countless ways to support each other. As much as it feels like it: You are not alone. Our team is committed to supporting our community. If there is anything we can do to help please reach out to (250)868-3602 and we will do whatever we can to support.