prime location for luxury waterfront home, dock on Lake Okanagan

Nearly everyone we know would jump at the opportunity for a lakefront cabin on a sleepy little pond, somewhere far removed from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind.  Cabins in the wilderness are attainable for many, especially as families grow or retirement draws closer.   For the more affluent and ambitious, luxury waterfront properties directly in or adjacent to population centres are the epitome of status and lifestyle.  But luxury lakefront can mean different things to different people; the aspects and qualities of lakefront properties differ greatly.  So which area is right for you?  Let’s have a look at some of the prime locations for luxury waterfront homes on Lake Okanagan and find out.

Westside Road

luxury waterfront property on lake Okanagan

7-695 Westside Road – Previously listed with Quincy Vrecko

This is a long blade of property which stretches from downtown Kelowna about half way to Vernon, on the west shore of Lake Okanagan.  These properties are dominated by steep, rock shorelines and beautiful deep water docks.  These are directly east facing homes, so sun exposure is more limited than their analogues across the water.  If you want lots of afternoon and evening sun, these aren’t for you.  If you love morning sun with your newspaper and coffee, then you’re going to love it here.  They are a bit further from shops and other amenities, which help contribute to their significantly lower price of entry than those in, for instance, Kelowna’s Mission.

Hospital District, Lower Mission

This is arguably the prime location for Kelowna real estate on the whole of Lake Okanagan.  Characterized by flat lots and long shallow sandy beaches, as well as long and narrow lot dimensions created to maximize the number of lots while maintaining privacy.  The directly west-facing orientation is perfect for sun worshipers.  Truly remarkable property, short distances to the best shopping in Kelowna and lifestyle in the whole city.  Prices in this area are perhaps the highest of any area, and the shallowness of beaches, while great for swimming and personal enjoyment, can limit the size of boats which can be docked here.  Some docks have only two or three feet of depth.

Kelowna North, Upper Mission  

These areas possess a similar west facing orientation as those above, but instead of shallow sandy beaches, these are dominated by deep water.  There are fewer sandy beaches, replaced by steeper, rockier shorelines.  While they don’t lend themselves to romps with the grandkids, they are generally larger lots, as well as being able to dock essentially any boat you wish.  It is not uncommon to see 40+ foot cabin cruisers tied up along the coasts in these areas.  Generally further removed from metro Kelowna, these are generally quieter and more private properties as well.  Prices are noticeably lower for comparable lots vs. luxury waterfront homes for sale in Lower Mission.

prime luxury waterfront in West Kelowna

1407 Pinot Noir Drive Previously listed with Quincy Vrecko

Campbell Road, Lakeview Heights  

There is many luxury waterfront homes on the beautiful banks of West Kelowna too, only minutes from the downtown core.  In fact, if you stand on one side with some binoculars, you can wave to a friend opposite (but it might be more fun to just take a quick boat ride across though).  The nice thing about the shores of West Kelowna is that they vary widely between sandy and rocky beaches, to steep cliff-like shores.  Shallow water or deep, whichever you prefer can be had.  And you will save yourself some money here too, as prices tend to be lower than in Kelowna proper.

So there you have it, a brief introduction to the prime locations for luxury waterfront homes in Kelowna.  Whatever flavour you desire in your luxury waterfront home, Kelowna’s shores of Lake Okanagan have it in spades.  Stay tuned in the future for some information about other areas of Lake Okanagan and the surrounding area.  

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