Negotiating when Purchasing a House

For sale sign in front of Kelowna home

One of the biggest purchases you will ever make in your lifetime is a Kelowna home. That being said, you do not just go and purchase something expensive without doing research and looking into different options. It is totally natural to feel a bit intimidated in the process of purchasing a Kelowna house for sale. The trick is negotiating when purchasing a Kelowna house for sale.

Don’t show your emotion

couple walking into a Kelowna house for sale

Don’t show your emotion

So you walk into a Kelowna house for sale and you absolutely LOVE it! You fall in love with the layout, the large sized bedrooms and the beautiful kitchen. The first thing you say when you walk into the Kelowna house for sale is “I LOVE IT!” By doing so, you have made it hard for your real estate agent to negotiate a price with the selling real estate agent. The real estate agent acting on behalf of the seller now knows you are in love with the home. When entering a Kelowna house for sale, don’t show your emotion. Act neutral and wait until you are out of the home and with your real estate agent to share what you liked and did not like about the home.

Don’t forget about the terms

When people think of negotiating in a real estate transaction, the first and only thing people think of is the price. Yes, price plays a big part in your real estate transaction but don’t forget about the terms that come along with it. A part of the negotiating process is also negotiating things such as your deposit amount or your possession dates. Price isn’t the only thing to think of when you are in a real estate transaction.

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Know your limit when purchasing a Kelowna house for sale

Know your limit when purchasing a Kelowna house for Sale

Before you can negotiate a price on a Kelowna house for sale, you need to know your budget. What is the maximum amount you are able to go to? Have you been pre-approved for a mortgage? It is important to stay within your budget to make sure you are happy for the years and years to come! We understand this Kelowna real estate market is hot and you may not be the only offer going in on the home. It is easy to let your emotions take over and offer way over what you are able to. Stay within your budget, your Kelowna real estate agent will find the perfect home for you at the best price!

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