Open House Etiquette

open house sign in front of Kelowna real estate

Open House Etiquette for Kelowna Real Estate

With the weather finally warming up and Summer just around the corner, its no surprise that there will be a lot of open houses to visit. With that being said, if you are new to open houses or have not been to one in a long time, check out our guide below for open house etiquette for Kelowna Real Estate.

Respect people’s property

couple entering open house in Kelowna

Respect people’s property

When you start viewing open houses, it’s normal to get excited and want to view every last bit of the home. This could be your new home? If you are walking into an open house, just like you would with a showing, it’s important to respect people’s property. In the end, people could still be living in the home and it’s important to respect their personal belongings. If there are doors closed, kindly ask the realtor on duty if you can enter that room.

Wait to discuss the home till you leave

If you have comments about the home, it’s not a bad idea to wait to discuss it with your spouse/family until you leave the home. Again, this is someone’s home and what you may not like may be very special to them! Remember, you never know who could be in the home with you during the open house, and if you are planning on making an offer, it may be smart to keep your comments to yourself!

Couple entering open house in Kelowna

Be polite!

Be polite

When you are at an open house, be polite to the real estate agent. The Kelowna real estate agent is there to answer any questions you may have! If you are already working with a real estate agent, kindly let them know so they are aware! It’s never a bad idea to say hi, smile and thank them on your way out and always remove your shoes if there is a sign at the front door!

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