modern guest bedroom with light accent decor

With summer here, it’s only natural people come to visit the beautiful city of Kelowna. If you have a spare guest bedroom that you want to spruce up before your family comes to visit our city of Kelowna, you’ve come to the right place! Here are three great ideas for a headboard alternative for your Kelowna guest bedroom.

Photo Collage Wall

guest bedroom with dark accents

Add a photo collage wall

One of the most headboard alternative ideas for your Kelowna guest bedroom is a photo collage wall! There are so many different ways to do this. Our favourite is, using a large statement piece and adding photos to surround. This adds to the wall and gives a focal point! Try a theme for the photos. Do you like to travel? Use photos of where you have travelled as the photo insert!

Floating Shelves

Another great headboard alternative for your guest bedroom is floating shelves. These great shelving units are reasonably priced and again give you the freedom to add whatever you want. Some great ideas for your floating shelves are books, photo frames and small decor pieces! Keep things small and ensure they aren’t going to fall on your guests!

guest bedroom with dark green wall

Add an accent wall

Add an Accent Wall

Last but not least… add an accent wall! This may require the most work as it will require a paint job. There are so many different ideas for an accent wall that you can do, it’ll all depend on what the style of your guest bedroom is. A few ideas are a wooden accent wall or a painted wall darker than your 3 other walls. The possibilities are endless!

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