Kelowna home with snow over front lawn and home

Leaves are off the trees and snow is starting to fly, should you list your Kelowna home for sale now or wait for the spring?  This is a question we often get from Kelowna home sellers at this time of year and our answer is always the same….an absolute yes!  This is a good time of year to list your Kelowna home and here are 3 good reasons why.  

Low Inventory for Kelowna homes for sale

snow filled backyard in Kelowna home for sale

Don’t worry about your snow filled backyard

At this time every year, the number of Kelowna homes for sale decreases.  There are typically 25% fewer listings than in the Kelowna spring/summer market, making an already tight market, even tighter.  A concern sellers seem to have is the outdoor living space not looking it’s best.  We say, it’s all relative.  Every Kelowna home on the market is in the same condition.  The advantage to lower inventory levels, is that you have fewer Kelowna homes to compete with buyer demand remains strong.

Serious Buyers

A big misconception sellers have is that they feel their window of opportunity to attract a buyer has passed as summer comes to an end.  I can say with confidence, this is not the case.  In fact, in the fall/winter real estate market we see more serious buyers that are having to move in what is typically an off season.  Kelowna homes for sale in this season will see longer days on, however, fewer showings to produce an offer.  

moving day circled on a computer screen calendar

Benefit from a longer possession

Longer possession

No one likes to move during the holidays which is why buyers looking for a Kelowna home for sale at this time of year, are typically wanting a longer possession.  A longer possession date will give you more time to organize and plan out your next Kelowna move so you are not feeling rushed to move out.   

If these 3 reasons don’t convince you to list your Kelowna home for sale now, maybe these statistics will help:

In June 2017, in the “peak” of the Kelowna real estate market, there were 1200 new listings and 684 sale transactions.  In October of this year, in what people say is an off-season market, there were 800 new listings and 563 sales transactions.  So if you compare July to October that is a 33% decrease in new listings (which means less competition to you) and only a 18% decrease in sales.  That’s some pretty good odds for you as a Kelowna home seller.  

So if you are now convinced, call one of the best real estate teams in Kelowna at 1-778-760-2860, or start here with a Market Evaluation of your Kelowna property. Our team of expert real estate professionals will guide you through the home selling process and position your Kelowna home to sell, in any market!