Downtown Kelowna: What to do + Where to go?

Downtown Kelowna night view

Downtown Kelowna is the place to be! Downtown Kelowna has great shopping, mouth-watering food and fun activities. During the Summer, it is packed with locals and visitors from all over. During the Winter months you will find fun activities, a skating rink, and the trees lit up by beautiful Christmas lights! If you haven’t yet, head Downtown Kelowna to see what it is all about.

sign on door of curious cafe located in downtown Kelowna

Curious Cafe in Kelowna, BC

Eat Here → The Curious Cafe

Just a hop, skip and a jump away from our office is the Curious Cafe. This multi-room restaurant is the perfect spot for a delicious breakfast, afternoon lunch or a mouth-watering dinner. 

Drink Here → Calona Vineyards

Located in Downtown Kelowna is the Calona Winery! This award-winning winery is dedicated to quality and value. Something unique about this winery is their labels. Each label features wonderful art on it that is placed carefully for the way it brings out the the flavour of the wine.  

Dessert Here → MooLix Ice Cream

If you have ever walked in Downtown Kelowna, you have smelt the delicious Moolix Ice Cream shop! They serve over 40 delicious flavours, there is something every family member will love! What is that great smell coming from Moolix? It is waffle cones… freshly made ones to be exact… drop everything, head over!! It’s never too cold for a great icecream cone!

posh jewelry store displaying jewelry in cases

Posh Jewelry located in Downtown Kelowna

Shop Here → Posh Jewelry

Are you looking for a Christmas present? Do you need something to cheer you up this week? Head over to Posh located in Downtown Kelowna. This stunning jewelry store is next door to our office and we find it hard every day not to buy a beautiful piece of jewelry! Unique designs and that comes from all over the world, you are sure to be the best gift giver ever… Or you can wrap it and give it to yourself, we won’t say anything!

If you are looking for Kelowna real estate in Downtown Kelowna, contact the team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates. Our dedicated team of Kelowna real estate agents are ready to assist you with your next Kelowna home purchase. Downtown Kelowna has so much to offer, your next Kelowna home is waiting… Call 1-778-760-2860 today!