Kelowna Luxury Real Estate Trends: What’s Hot in the Kitchen?

What’s Hot in the Kitchen?

What’s Hot in the Kitchen?

High-end kitchen appliances such as Fisher & Paykel’s Double DishDrawer have become increasingly popular on the Kelowna luxury real estate market.


Kitchens are one of the most important selling features for homes listed on the Kelowna luxury real estate market. Having high-end appliances allows homeowners to prepare gourmet meals that rival those in upscale restaurants. For people who like to pamper their own palates and entertain guests in fine style, this is a must. 

These days, the technology manufacturers pack into kitchen appliances is remarkable. Whether it’s a refrigerator that notifies you via text message that you’re low on milk, or a dishwasher that operates so quietly you don’t even know it’s running, they’re constantly coming up with new innovations.

Here are some of the ones our Kelowna realtors think you’ll find desirable in your kitchen.

Double Dishwashers 

For luxury homeowners with large families, or those who entertain on a regular basis, having double dishwashers is a blessing. Sometimes the capacity of a single unit isn’t enough (i.e. Thanksgiving dinner for 17 people). A second dishwasher can manage the overflow, including any larger pots and pans, freeing you up to spend more time with your guests.

For people who have smaller homes in Kelowna luxury real estate, something like Fisher & Paykel’s ingenious Double DishDrawer Tall is a brilliant idea. It features two separate dishwashing drawers that function independently so different wash cycles can operate simultaneously.

Beverage Centres

There are beer fridges, and then there are beverage centres. The latter is a much more sophisticated option for people who like to have their drinks close at hand, and enjoy them at precisely the right temperature.

Take the U-Line Modular 3000 Series, for example. Its handy U-Select Control allows you to set the perfect storage environment for a variety of food and beverages:

  • Beverage (beer or pop)
  • Deli
  • Market
  • Pantry
  • Root cellar
  • Sparkling wine
  • White wine
  • Red wine 

By having a dedicated beverage centre, it frees up considerable space in your refrigerator. There are many under-counter models available that are ideally suited for luxury homes with kitchen islands. 

Built-in Coffee Makers 

There’s nothing like savouring your morning cappuccino, prepared exactly the way you like it, while you scan the news headlines from the comfort of your home. It’s one of the reasons you’ll find built-in coffee makers in high-end homes on the Kelowna luxury real estate market.

Models like Miele’s CVA 6805 Coffee System retail at $5,399 and can be plumbed directly into your home’s water system so you don’t even have to fill it up. All you need to do is feed it some beans once in awhile.

Other handy features include:

  • Touch display operation
  • Prepare two beverages simultaneously
  • Built-in milk dispenser
  • Cup height sensor
  • Automatic rinse

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