There is still a market for Kelowna houses for sale, even heading later into the fall season.

The leaves are turning and the temperatures are dipping, signaling that fall is officially underway. If you’re among those with Kelowna houses for sale and it hasn’t sold, it doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel quite yet.

Conventional thinking says that, next to spring, fall is the best time of year to sell your home. In summer, families are on holiday and too busy having fun. And once the snow hits the ground in winter, it was believed sales grind to a halt. So, by default, autumn is your second-best option.

However, even when the temperatures really start to drop in November and December, there’s still activity on the market. With some careful planning, you can take advantage of a slower market season. After all, there are always people looking for Kelowna houses for sale, no matter what time of year it is.

1. Less Market Competition

Many people with listings on the Kelowna real estate market take their For Sale signs down as soon as the winter weather takes hold. As a result, there’s a smaller pool of properties for motivated homebuyers to choose from.

While there could be fewer active shoppers this time of year, there’ll always be people looking. And sometimes individuals, couples and families will unexpectedly need to move for different reasons:

  • New jobs or transfers
  • Family illness
  • Other unforeseen circumstances

2. Easier Access to Listing Information

We can thank the Internet for many things, one of which is fast, convenient access to Kelowna houses for sale. Gone are the days when you had to judge a house by a thumbnail-size photo in a newspaper ad.

Many of the top Kelowna realtors such as Quincy Vrecko & Associates host high-quality websites with easily searchable listings and other market insight. This includes:

  • Professional photo galleries highlighting every aspect of a property
  • In-depth write-ups detailing the key features
  • A quick, easy-to-read breakdown of main specs (MLS#, size, year, parking, etc.) 

By having this information readily available, homebuyers can do much of the research from the comfort of their couch. This saves them from having to waste time driving around looking at properties. And when they do find a property they like, they’ll likely be more serious when they come and view it.

3. We’re Used to Busier Lifestyles

People today lead busier lives than ever before, and fall is no exception. The kids are in school, the holidays are approaching and there’s always a lot happening. However, we’re used to working around these hectic schedules. 

Armed with the information they glean from online searches of Kelowna real estate, most motivated homebuyers wouldn’t think twice about squeezing in an appointment to view a property if they felt it was suitable for their needs. 

Even most Baby Boomers tend to lead active incredibly active lifestyles and are more inclined to search for homes that meet their current lifestyle preferences. Combined with an increasing number of first-time and millennial buyers, there are more potential buyers on the market, even late in the fall season. 

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Looking to list your home on the Kelowna real estate market this fall? Quincy Vrecko & Associates will help get your property noticed among the Kelowna houses for sale. Call us to begin the marketing process.