With November beginning, the supply of affordable homes for sale in Kelowna hits a seasonal low. If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in Kelowna, it pays to ensure you get the most of this opportunity by relying on the best in the business, Quincy Vrecko & Associates.

725 Cantina Court

Consider 725 Cantina Court, an example of the market demand for homes priced $650,000 and below.

725 Cantina Court was on put on the market by Quincy Vrecko & Associates, and was sold in just over 2 weeks and for 99% of the list price. Coming in well under the average of 42 days for Kelowna homes under $650,000, its quick sale can be attributed to the expertise of Tracey Vrecko, and the unique changes to  Kelowna real estate market resulting from Canada’s new mortgage rules.

On October 17th, Canada’s new mortgage rules came into effect. In turn, the sub-$650,000 segment of the Kelowna real estate market is experiencing a substantial surge in demand.  Home buyers in every segment have experienced a significant reduction in their purchasing power since these rules came into effect, resulting in an increase in the population of buyers in Kelowna’s sub $650,000 market. This surge has come just as the supply of these homes hits a seasonal low, creating a unique situation for Kelowna home buyers and sellers.

Make the most of these unique circumstances with Tracey Vrecko, our expert on Kelowna’s sub-million home market.

 The Advantage of Expertise with Tracey Vrecko

If you’re in the market to sell, it pays to go with the expert who can take advantage of this exciting market. Guarantee the best experience possible by leveraging the power of her knowledge and expertise by getting in touch with Tracey Vrecko. This surge in demand and reduction in supply provides you an incredible opportunity, made better by accessing the unique edge Tracey brings to the table. Nobody knows the market better, and can do more for you than Tracey Vrecko.

Tracey Vrecko is the Quincy Vrecko & Associates expert on buying and selling homes in the sub-million-dollar market. An expert in this segment, there is nobody in Kelowna who knows more about the current trends and opportunities available to those looking to buy or sell Kelowna Homes than Tracey Vrecko.

If you’re buying or selling, Tracey has the expertise to guide you smoothly through the process. An industry leader in Kelowna and the Okanagan, she dedicates her life to comprehensively understanding the evolving Kelowna real estate market, now and into the future. To leverage her knowledge and expertise, give her a call at 1-250-575-6448.