Is it a Good Time to Sell?


As we approach the winter months, some sellers elect to hold onto their properties for the perceived advantages of showing in the spring and summer months.  However, with a realty team as knowledgeable and practiced as Vrecko Real Estate Group, you can be confident selling your home even in the winter months.

There are a few key advantages of selling your home in the slower seasons:

The Benefits of Slow-Season Selling

Good Time

Across Canada, it’s conventional to see lulls in inventory during the late fall and winter months. Most homeowners choose to wait till spring to list their properties. Those who strategically take advantage of the resulting reduction in inventory can access incredible benefits.

When inventory is low, buyers have a smaller selection of choices and a greater sense of urgency to choose. With fewer properties available, prospective buyers have a reduced ability to ‘shop around’ for alternatives.  Buyers know that if they take too long to decide on a property, another buyer will snatch the property.

For this reason, we consistently see houses sell closer to their list price, with significantly fewer showings, during the slow season. It’s a simple reality that with reduced supply comes an increase in demand from buyers.  This is most prominent with listings that include pools, which are difficult properties for buyers to find in the winter.

Good Time1502 Pinot Noir Drive

Don’t believe us?  Take a look at this recent listing for all the evidence you might need.

1502 Pinot Noir is a perfect example of a property that sellers may be discouraged from listing during the slow season. It is a 5300 sqft 5 bed/6 bath home with rich wood accents, a media room, and a heated in-ground pool.

Successfully selling in winter requires a special touch; a unique understanding of market conditions and knowledge of how to take advantage of them. It is precisely this touch that distinguishes Quincy Vrecko as the leader in Kelowna luxury real estate.

Vrecko & Associates were able to sell this listing nearly at the list price, in a very short period using their Kelowna real estate expertise.

If you’d like to hear more about the opportunities available for selling luxury Kelowna properties during the slower season, get in touch with Quincy, or give the team a call at 250-863-8810.