Home Improvement: 4 Projects to Add Value to Kelowna Real Estate

When you’re getting rid to list your home among the Kelowna houses for sale, consider a reno project that will not only add value, but make your home stand out.


If you’re thinking of adding your address to the mix of Kelowna houses for sale, there couldn’t be a better time to take on home improvement projects that will help your listing garner top dollar. 

It’s spring, and that almost always means the Kelowna real estate market is buzzing, but this year is already seeing near-record activity. It’s also the time of year when taking on some of the most impactful improvements is much easier. 

So, how can you really add value and make your property stand out on the block? 

1. Kitchen

The Great Spaces! Kitchen Add Value

Let’s face it, this is the room where families spend the most time. Particularly the member of the family who tends to wear the oven mitts…and the pants, so to speak.

By renovating your kitchen to appeal to the cook, he or she will fall in love with the house if for no other reason. And he or she will barely open the double oven before they’ll be saying, “Phil, I want this house.”

If you’ve got a good bit of capital to invest in this pre-sale reno, consider new:

  • Stainless steel appliances, including a gas range, double oven and silent dishwasher
  • Cupboards in a colour that keeps the kitchen feeling warm and bright
  • Countertops. Have you ever heard anyone say, “Shoot, the countertops are granite”? If marble’s not quite in the budget, an update of any kind will definitely be noticed during viewings. 

If you’ve really got some money to spend, consider having a contractor knock down a wall to open up the kitchen and create the highly coveted ‘open concept’ so many buyers are looking for in Kelowna houses for sale.

Repainting or refacing existing cupboards, and the walls, as well as updating the lighting will go a long way if you don’t have the budget for a total overhaul!

2. Extra bathroom

Shuswap Add Value

Does your house have five bedrooms, but only one-and-a-half baths? What if we told you increasing the number of bathrooms, or even remodelling the basement bathroom that’s more like a closet could garner huge returns? The fact is, discerning homebuyers appreciate the convenience of multiple bathrooms close by. Try to get the number of bathrooms close to the number of bedrooms.

Simply being able to increase the number of bathrooms in the features section of your listing will draw more eyes, and you’re apt to see a return of between 80 and 100 per cent on your investment!

3. Beautiful deck

Add Value

Where Alberta homeowners have to have garages, Okanagan residents have to have great backyards. Specifically, a great deck.

A new decking surface—whether you choose wood, composite, or concrete—will instantly revitalize your outdoor area. Considered a third room here because people spend several months of the year outdoors. For the most part, though, homeowners really want something that’s maintenance free, so keep that in mind when you’re looking into decking options. 

Other additions, from gazebos and greenery to glass railings and lighting will only heighten the appeal.

If the buyer isn’t already picturing themselves unpacking in your house, they’ll definitely be seeing themselves lounging right there in that last stream of afternoon sun. 

4. An extra…attic/loft/office/

Add Value

Do you have a dead zone in your home that could be converted into a usable and appealing place? This would also help your home stand out and increase the square footage of your home. Consider overlooked nooks in the basement or attic that—with a little flooring, some walls and staged furniture—could pose as an extra study, studio or guest suite.

Unique and unexpected little rooms such as this give your home a differentiating factor among ‘comps’ in your neighbourhood! “You know, honey, the one with the A-frame attic that could be your office.”

Whatever types of remodels you choose to invest in for your Kelowna real estate, whatever the neighbourhood, be sure to keep the style consistent throughout your home. A magazine-worthy ultra modern kitchen with imported Italian tile backsplash won’t do you near as many favours if the adjoining living room is still in the nineties with dusty rose wallpaper.


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