5 Luxury Real Estate Bathroom Trends We Love

Bathroom Trends

When it comes to Bathroom Trends in luxury real estate properties, opulence knows no boundaries.


It’s the place where you escape, wind down, wash up, begin or end your day. Your bathroom requires extravagance, and why not, in this room that is yours alone, indulge in some eccentricities? From gardens and marble to curtains and seating, here are five luxury real estate bathroom trends we love this season.

1. Letting the outdoors in

Bathroom Trends
Photo by Fratantoni Luxury Estates

Bathrooms tend to be the one room in the house (save for laundry rooms) that feel closed off from the outdoors, even if there are windows and natural light. In part, that’s because bedrooms and living areas tend to be reserved for the sides of the home that can face and open up to the outdoors.

But we say, why not bring the garden in?! Here in the Okanagan, much of the luxury real estate Kelowna residents covet overlooks the lake and/or vineyards, and if you’re the type of person who takes long soaks, why wouldn’t you want to bask in the sun and these views at the same time?

We love luxurious bathrooms appointed with expansive windows so you can enjoy the serenity of your property in this peaceful setting.

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2. Textiles, lots of textiles

Bathroom Trends

Nothing says opulence like seeing fabrics in unlikely places, like the bathroom above. Yards and yards of ceiling-dropped curtains surrounding this stand-alone soaker tub give this ladies room an air of fantasy and romance.

Be sure to choose light fabrics that will dry quickly should they get wet. We love how the sheer white curtains in the photo above add texture while keeping this contemporary room feeling light and airy. 

3. Lavish sofas

Bathroom Trends
Photo by Fratantoni Luxury Estates – Discover Mediterranean bathroom design ideas 

The bathroom might be one of the last places you’d expect to see a bone-colored Italian leather sofa, which is why we love it so much!

Just think, if family or guests can find you and think you’re in the tub, they’ll leave you alone, perhaps for the better part of an hour! It’s the perfect place to hide away with a novel, a mud mask and a glass of wine! Or your partner can catch up on the events of the day while putting his feet up on the sofa as you have a soak in your marble-clad tub.

For the same reasons, we also love the sitting area in this stately bathroom.

Bathroom Trends
Photo by Robeson Design

4. Wall-to-wall Carrera marble

Bathroom Trends
Photo by Dig For Victory Limited 

It exudes the ritz of a palatial hotel. It garners the compliments of compliments. It’s timeless. Carrera marble—floor to ceiling as it is in this luxury real estate bathroom, and hand-picked from the quarry in Italy—harkens an era of Roman splendor. Does your designer speak Italian? 

5. The return of the sauna

Bathroom Trends
Photo by Prestige Saunas Ltd

After its resounding popularity and then fall in the 1980s, the home sauna is back. Both the technology and the design have evolved to create saunas that are infinitely more clean, easy to maintain and offer a lasting, decadent natural beauty. Why make the trek to the club for a sauna when you can simply open the door to your ensuite? Be sure to tell your builder you want enough room for at least two people, or make it even more expansive for group use in a guest bathroom and/or pool house bathroom.


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