5 Tips for a Smooth and Stress-Free Move

5 Tips for a Smooth and Stress-Free Move

Whether you’re an organizational queen or a procrastinator, let’s face it moving is stressful! With the housing market in Kelowna not slowing down, it is evident there are a few of you that are heading out the door of your old home and into the door of your new Kelowna family home! We are so excited for your new adventure. We want to ensure that the transition of the move is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Here are some tips to get you through it!


Start Early

As soon as you know the possession date on your new home, start getting your things together and pack slowly. It is way easier to slowly pack up than to leave everything till the night before the movers arrive. This is just a recipe for disaster! Leave a few boxes in every room of the house and start packing up things you know you will not use between now and the time of possession.


Use your Linens to Wrap up Delicates

Moving costs money, and lots of it! To help cut costs during your big move, instead of buying special wrapping paper or bubble wrap, use linens such as comforters and towels to wrap up your delicates. Not only does it help your wallet but it also saves space when you move as the linens have to come anyways!


Keep Your Clothes on the Hanger

Rather than taking everything off of the hanger and then having to put it on the hanger again when you get to your new place. Transport your clothing on its hanger! There are two different ways that you can do so. First, you can buy the boxes that have a pole along the top and you can just hang your clothing in the boxes. Then when you arrive at the new place just take your clothes out and put them directly in the new closet. Second, you can tie garbage bags around the clothing. If you are going this route, just ensure you gather the clothing from the bottom, lift the bag the clothing and tie it securely over the bunch of hangers.


Take Photos of your Wall Art/Bookshelves

The worst part about moving to a new place is forgetting how all of the stuff was organized at the old place. If you really like the way you have the bookshelf designed or the photo collage that is placed in the hallway of your home, take photos! When you get to your new place, look back at the photos of how everything looked and you can easily replicate it! No more wondering how you had that bookshelf organized or where that photo came from!  


Keep your Necessities Easily Accessible

The worst part of the first night in the new house is not being able to find anything! Keep the things that you may need for the first night and morning with you so it is easy to find everything you may need. Put together a basket of cleaning supplies that you may need to clean up spills, dirty floors of people going in and out or just to wipe things down before you load your items in. Keep another basket of things you may need i.e. toilet paper, towels, snacks, makeup, etc.


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