10 Essentials for a Spellbinding Bar

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It’s common knowledge that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes – however, a show-stopping bar is becoming more and more essential for the discerning entertainer.


Definitive Design and Complimentary Cabinetry

Whether you want hunting lodge rustic, 50’s futuristic, or European glitz, it’s important to have a dedicated design language.  And don’t forget to sweat the small stuff.  For instance, a beautiful hunting motif can be instantly ruined by using basic white power outlets.  Consider ordering an extra cabinet door to cover your bar fridge – wood, log, and a white fridge just don’t jive.


Creative Lighting

The Edison bulb is all the rage these days.  They work in the kitchen, they work in the bathroom, and they work in the bar.  In the current milieu of high tech everything, the Edison bulb is an irresistible throw back to the simpler days.  A romantic conversation piece that will draw anyone’s eye; they look stunning in any setting.  Speaking of high tech, LED lights are easily the most versatile option available.  They’re brighter than their conventional brethren, and use substantially less energy.  They can be hidden almost anywhere due to their tiny size, and an LED bulb can emit almost any color you can think of.   You can even control them remotely, or by an app.


Quality Glassware

Now that you have great cabinetry and some spellbinding lighting, it’s time to stock the glassware and show it off- and it’s got to be special.  That is not to say particularly expensive glassware, but if it is obviously cheap or tacky, it will ruin the whole night.  It doesn’t have to be Steuben or Swarovski, but the old faded glass that reads ‘Maui 1993’ is just not ideal for public display.   Be sure to have the correct option for each occasion.  Don’t get stuck serving an Old Fashioned in a beer mug!


Bold Bar Tops

Arborite?  Granite?  Butcher block?  Really there’s no wrong answer, but whatever you choose there are ways to make it unique.  Maybe it’s as simple as including a built-in waste chute to easily discard of unwanted lime stems.  Not your thing? My favourite bar simply utilizes a huge piece of highly polished driftwood – beautifully simple.


Powerful Prep Sink

There is a wonderful little development making the rounds in design circles, and it’s beautifully simple.   Take a sink, add a built in (and removable!) colander, and voile:  a perfect bar prep area.  More lime and more margaritas, more quickly.  It’s the small things that make life worth living, isn’t it?


Innovative Ice Maker

Most appliance manufacturers make dedicated ice machines for home use.  Having an endless and easily accessible well of ice isn’t just for restaurants anymore!  Get one, love it, thank us later.


Dedicated Dishwasher

Along with the ice machine, dedicated bar dishwashers (or glasswashers) are becoming more and more necessary.  No more ferrying used glasses upstairs and leaving them in the sink until they start growing moss.   Note:  Hidden is better!  Match it up to your cabinetry for extra brownie points.


Fashionable Fridge

Bar fridges are so common now they have lost their panache.  At this point, even 13 year old teenagers have a little Maytag in their rooms stocked with Mountain Dew.  To combat ‘Sameness Syndrome’, many designers have moved to camouflaging their major appliances – especially the fridge.  While you’re at it, ditch the bar size unit and grab a full standup (freezer is a bonus).  Your friends will thank you.


The TV (Yes, I’m talking to you)

At this point some of you will be rolling your eyes.  “TV’s are so passé” you might be thinking, “I don’t even like sports, what’s wrong with some good conversation?”  In a word, nothing.  But as stereotypical as it sounds, it is absolutely inevitable that at some point you’ll wish you had a TV built into your bar.  I know it, you know it.  If not for you, think of your poor friends, not knowing how Crosby is playing tonight!  The trick is to integrate it in to the area in a way that won’t disrupt the flow.  Hint:  Make sure to run your cables through the wall – no one wants to see that.


Sizzling Spirits, Local Libations!

Now you have a bar.  You’ve shopped, sampled, designed, and built it. Time to open your new speak-easy.  Good job you!  Now why not stock your bar with some unique, local libations?  Everyone knows the Okanagan for wine, but it’s also home to several amazing breweries, and even some wonderful distilleries.  Try Parallel 49, Tree Brewing, CRAFT spirits – none of them will disappoint.  Just remember, a dry martini means *less*vermouth.


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