3 Things to ask before hiring your Kelowna Home Stager

Kelowna home stager sitting with clients reviewing home

Welcome to our new series, “3 things to ask…” where we are going to layout 3 different things to ask before hiring a company for your Kelowna home. First up, Kelowna home stagers. What should you look for? What should you ask? Hiring someone to do work on your Kelowna home can increase the value, if done properly. That’s why we are here to help! What are the top 3 things you should ask before hiring a Kelowna home stager? Let’s take a look!

  1. Take a look at their portfolio – ask for a few photos of their previous work. Be sure to ask for before and after photos. Do you like their work? Would you pay to have them stage your home? You’ll have a good idea after viewing their portfolio. Ensure that these photos are not just “inspiration” photos, but actual photos of their work.
  2. Preferred Vendors List – do they like to work with a certain group of vendors? A lot of home stagers will work closely with other Kelowna companies such as painters and window cleaners. They have worked with these companies in the past and know that together, they make a great team. Do you see anyone on the list you know you’ve had a bad experience with? Check it out before you make your decision. As for painters and window cleaners, we will be featuring them in our new series, check back for 3 things to ask them!
  3. Their pricing – what do they charge and what is included? Have a Kelowna home stager come by your home to do a consultation, most stagers do this for free. They will come by your Kelowna home and let you know of what they think needs to be either fixed or worked on. Then they can come up with a preliminary budget for your review. Some of the things on the list, you may be able to tackle on your own. Leave the large projects for the Kelowna home stager – they are the professional!

If you are looking for a home stager, then contact the team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates. We work with some of the top stagers in town that do an amazing job on our Kelowna home listings. Our team of dedicated real estate professionals want to ensure you hire the best team for your Kelowna home. Contact our agents today and we can get you in touch with some of the best Kelowna Home Stagers. Call 1-778-760-2860!