Childproof Your Home: Kelowna Real Estate

toddler opening door in Kelowna real estate

Protecting your child in your Kelowna real estate is important. It is essential to childproof your Kelowna real estate to ensure your little ones are safe in your home. First off, keep in mind that every child is different. Some babies like to climb, some like to pull themselves up on items in your Kelowna home and others like to open anything they can and pull all the items out! Regardless of what your baby likes to do, here are some helpful tips on how to childproof your Kelowna home!

Mounted TV’s

two men mounting a tv to the wall

Mount your TV’s

First off, TV’s in your Kelowna real estate. With the amount of time we spend with our little ones watching shows or having a family movie night, it’s time to ensure that your TV is properly secured. The best thing you could do is mount your TV on the wall. This keeps your TV high and up out of the child’s way. The last thing you want is in the middle of a movie, your little one to pull the TV towards them!

Secure your cabinets

Next up is your cabinets. This could be bathroom cabinets, kitchen cabinets, or even drawers in your bedrooms. It’s no surprise that children will try and get into anything and everything that they can. There are plenty of items you can purchase to secure your cabinets and keep them closed. Most importantly, keep your cabinet with harmful liquids such as cleaning supplies out of reach of your children! We’ve even seen parents put their cleaning supplies in a closed container inside a cabinet just in case their little one gets in! Don’t forget to also fasten any dressers or heavy furniture to your walls to ensure they don’t fall forward!

toddler sitting in front of electrical outlet in Kelowna real estate

Cover up your electrical outlets

Electrical Outlets in your Kelowna Real Estate

Last but certainly not least is electrical outlets. There are so many stores that carry electrical outlet covers for a great price! Outlets are normally within a baby’s reach, making it easy for them to get hurt. Be proactive, cover them up now before an accident happens!

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