Purchasing a Vacation Home

boat marina in Downtown Kelowna

Over the summer months, you have spent time in Kelowna. You and your family enjoy the warm summer days, the sandy beaches, and golfing at the beautiful golf courses. Are you considering purchasing real estate in Kelowna as a vacation home? If you and your family are considering buying a vacation home in Kelowna, here are a few points to ponder first!

How Often Will You Use your Kelowna vacation home?

The first thing to think of before purchasing a vacation home is, how often will you use it? Are you frequently in Kelowna during the summer months? Would you plan to be in Kelowna during the summer as frequently as you were if you didn’t have a vacation home? It’s important to think, how many times do you actually come and visit Kelowna overnight? If you are constantly driving in Kelowna, trying to book hotels and paying an arm and a leg for long weekends, it sounds like this is the right move.

Can you afford the extra expense?

When you think of purchasing  a Kelowna vacation home, you may only think of the initial expense of purchasing the home. Something to consider is the constant upkeep of the home as well. Utilities, cleaning, maintenance to name a few. If you don’t live near the city of Kelowna, you may also have to hire someone to do the upkeep of the home for you so budget for that expense too.

Will you Rent it out?

Maybe you are not planning on being in Kelowna as much during the winter months, but want to enjoy the beautiful city over the summer. This is totally understandable! Kelowna is a beautiful city in the summer, filled with tons of activities, nightlife and great events. If you are considering spending a lot of your summer in Kelowna, consider renting it out over the winter months.

If you are considering making the next step to purchasing your Kelowna vacation home, contact our team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates. Our dedicated team of real estate professionals have years of experience buying and selling Kelowna real estate. One of our knowledgeable real estate agents can assist you with your next Kelowna vacation home purchase. The only thing you now have to do is make the call… Call 1-778-760-2860 to start the process of purchasing your Kelowna vacation home today!