Top Kelowna Private School: Aberdeen Hall

Aberdeen campus

You have found your fabulous Kelowna luxury home and have settled in. Now it’s time to get the kids sorted and ready for back to school. If you’re interested in giving your children an education beyond the basic BC Curriculum you’ll be looking for a Kelowna private school. We’ve done the research for you and found Aberdeen Hall, the top Kelowna private school.

Important Factors in Choosing a Kelowna Private School

Kelowna is a great place to get a private school education. When you are looking at a Kelowna private school there are important factors to consider;

  • Location
  • Curricular approach
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Class sizes
  • Community life

Top Ranked: Aberdeen Hall Preparatory School

Founded in 2004, Aberdeen Hall is in the Kelowna neighbourhood of North Glenmore on Academy Way next to the UBCO campus. The campus spreads across 44 acres of beautiful Kelowna landscape. It is ideally located for easy access and just a short drive from your Kelowna home.

This Kelowna private school strives to achieve student excellence in academics, athletics and the arts and provides a wide variety of extracurricular activities, producing exceptionally well-rounded students. Aberdeen Hall students are consistently accepted into the best universities.

Yearly highlights for parents and students alike are the Horizon Week excursions, theatre performances, and the athletic prowess demonstrated by the 33 different athletic teams.

Class sizes are small which maintains a low teacher to student ratio allowing for more personal attention and the ability to foster creativity and provide enhanced opportunities in academics. Critical thinking skills and independence are also an important focus of this Kelowna private school.

Aberdeen Hall recently released their strategic plan for the next 7 years with a strong master plan dedicated to maintaining student excellence and consequently their rank as the top Kelowna private school.

Aberdeen hall quincy vrecko kelowna luxury homes

State of the art facilities at this Kelowna private school

Fraser Institute Ranking

Aberdeen Hall is continually ranked as the top Kelowna private school by the Fraser Institute of Canada. These rankings provide a detailed report on how a school is performing in academics in comparison to other schools. The Fraser Institute uses objective, publicly available data such as average scores on province wide tests. Aberdeen Hall’s ranking as the top Kelowna private school can be viewed HERE.

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