What to think of before downsizing from your Kelowna home

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Everyone gets to a stage in life where the kids have moved out and start thinking of downsizing from your Kelowna home. If you are looking to make the move and downsize from your Kelowna home, you’ve come to the right place! Here are three things to think of before you start the process of downsizing from your Kelowna home.

What is causing you to downsize from your Kelowna home?

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What is causing you to downsize?

It’s important to first think of the reason you want to downsize. Do you feel you have to big of a house for the two of you? Is it a financial reason you want to move? Whatever the reason may be, it’s important to understand why you want to downsize. Ensure that you are downsizing for the right reasons. For example, if you have a large extended family and you get together for holiday dinners and the grandkids come over daily, do you still have room for these two important activities if you downsize?

Can you get what you want?

If you have been waiting for the day you can finally have your own sewing room and it doesn’t have to be crammed into your bedroom, then maybe downsizing isn’t right for you? Can adjust your extra rooms and take advantage of the extra space? If so, do it! If all of this sounds like a hassle to you, maybe a smaller and cozy home is the perfect fit for you!

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What type of lifestyle do you want?

What lifestyle do you want?

If you have always wanted to walk to the farmers market, walk by waterfront park or go shopping at Orchard Parks mall without having to find a parking spot, then when you decide to downsize, pick a Kelowna home in the neighbourhood that best suits your current lifestyle. Chances are the Kelowna home you live in now was purchased around the lifestyle your children were in at that point. It’s time to think about you! 

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