lady cleaning her Kelowna home

As promised in our previous Spring Cleaning blog, were following up with Spring Cleaning 2.0! In this blog, we are going to feature cleaning tips for your garage, kids playrooms, office and lastly the basement. If you want to see our blog featuring the bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen and family room, click here. Check below for our handy Spring cleaning checklist for your Kelowna home! As stated in our previous blog, it’s time to crank the tunes, open the windows and enjoy this new season ahead!


  1. Declutter!! Take out things you haven’t used or move things to your attic, if applicable
  2. Store things away that you do not need for the summer time such as Christmas trees, large winter jackets and outdoor winter equipment
  3. Organize kids toys in baskets for easy access
  4.  If applicable, sweep the ground and wipe down any cupbaords
  5. Move your vehicle inside the garage and enjoy the sight of having a clean garage

Kids Playrooms

  1. Donate old toys that are not being used
  2. Mop/Vacuum flooring
  3. Place similar toys in bins together (i.e. place books in one bin, musical toys in another)
  4. Wipe down walls and windows
  5. Fix any holes in the walls or chipped paint


  1. Declutter all paperwork and bills! Throw out what you don’t need!
  2. Mop/Vacuum flooring
  3. Wipe down all surfaces and windows
  4. Keep what you need within arms length and get rid of everything else, file away or throw away!
  5. Clean up your desktop computer, this means cleaning your desktop background, filing systems on your computer and emails


  1. Get rid of old furniture that is taking up precious space
  2. Sort through all boxes that are still taped from moving (we know you have some)
  3. Vacuum/Mop Flooring
  4. Wash windows and walls
  5. Replace any burnt-out light bulbs

Well there you have it, our last Spring cleaning checklist for your Kelowna home. With warm weather not far away, it’s time to get ready for this new season. If you are looking to relocate the Kelowna, contact the team at Quincy Vrecko and Associates. Our knowledgeable real estate agents would love to assist you with your move to Kelowna and find you a Kelowna home. Call 1-778-760-2860 to speak with one of our Kelowna real estate agents today!